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Wonderfull sunset In Kuta Beach Bali

In Kuta beach, visitors can make surfing or surfing, playing soccer, flying kites, just lying on the warm beach sand, or wash the eyes of Western tourists watched the sun. If interested in services or hair ponytail temporary tattoo, it also can be found at this beach.

Borobudur as the Biggest Buddhist Temple

Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, Sailendra descendants. Based on Kayumwungan inscription, an Indonesian named Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur is a place of worship which was completed May 26 824, nearly a hundred years since the early days was built.

The cool Tawangmangu waterfall

Tawangmangu area is also famous as a tourist area with a waterfall attractions named Grojogan Sewu, which when translated means Seribu Waterfall. This area is also near a swimming pool with a tour called Balekambang

Tangkuban Perahu Crater

natural and beauty with a row of craters that stretch and cool mountain air and the expanse of the typical mountain other surrounding high-rise and the number of collections of plants and plants typical of tropical forests that flourished around the crater, making the boat Tangkuban as an attractive tourist destination in Subang regency

Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park

National Park,Bogani Nani Wartabone in Gorontalo previously named Dumoga Bone, having many Nature Tours such Kosinggolan, Toraut, Lombongo, Tambun, Matayangan and various ecological uniqueness as a transitional geographic area Indomalayan at the west and Papua-east Australia (Wallaceae Area)

Monday, 14 March 2011

uniqueness of trunyan graves

sema trunyan 2 Trunyan VILLAGE located in District of Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali. Trunyan is the ancient village which is considered as the village of Bali Aga (original Balinese). Trunyan have a lot of uniqueness. Highest charm is the unique body treats its citizens. Trunyan has three types of graves which, according to village tradition Trunyan, the three types of graves were classified by age of the deceased, the integrity of body and manner of burial.

The main cemetery (sema), considered the most holy and most good. The bodies were buried on this sacred tomb is only the body remains intact, no defects, and the body of the death process is considered good (not a suicide or accident).

The second cemetery is a special young cemetery reserved for babies and adults who are not married. But still with the terms of the corpses was should be intact and not deformed.

The third cemetery is called Sentra Bantas. This graveyard specifically for disability bodies and who died because of one act of starches and starch (unnatural death such as accidents, suicide).

the three types of graves that are the most unique and interesting is the main cemetery or sacred tombs (Setra Wayah). This cemetery is located about 400 meters north of the village. To carry the corpses to the cemetery must use a dinghy special for bodies called Pedau. Although called a buried, but the unique way of burial is known with mepasah.

Bodies that have been got special ceremony according to local tradition just placed above the hole as deep as 20cm. Part of his body from the chest to the top, left open, not buried with soil. Corpses was only limited with some thing called ancak saji, made from a type of bamboo, form a cone, used to fence off corpses. In Setra Wayah, there are 7 grave divided into 2 groups. Two holes for the head of village that his body without disabilities located at the upstream and still there are 5 holes were lined up after the second hole is for ordinary people.

If all the canal is full and no more new bodies will be buried, a long body is raised from the hole and the new body then occupying the hole. Long bodies, placed casually on the edge of the hole. So do not be surprised if the Setra wayah-strewn human skull that should not be planted or throw away.

Although not conducted with Ngaben ceremonies, funeral ceremonies Trunyan village tradition in principle has the same meaning and purpose of the death ceremony performed by Hindus in Bali. Ceremony held to pay debt service on the child's parents. The debt was paid in two stages, first stage is paid with good behavior when parents are still alive and the second stage at the time of their parents died with ritual behavior in the form of funeral ceremony.

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ulun Danu Batur temple

pura ulun danu 5 One of the temples in Bali which is often visited by tourists is Ulun Danu Beratan located on the shores of  Beratan Lake, Bedugul, Tabanan, Bali. This temple is precisely located in the village of Candi Kuning, Baturiti District, Tabanan regency which is about 50 kilometers from north of Denpasar.

Ulun Danu Batur, located near the village of Batur. This is the most important temple after Besakih which has more than 90 temples. Very good to visit at any time throughout the year, especially during Odalan Festival, which usually happens in March, but depends on the full moon, which is dedicated to the god of the crater lake, which local people believe it can control the irrigation system throughout the island.

Domestic and foreign tourists who wish to enter the temple area having a cold air, admission charged Rp 7,500 and Rp 10,000. Tourists who come to this place could see the beauty of the garden around the temple and an ancient Buddhist temple.

called  Pura Ulun Danu because it is situated right on the edge of Beratan  Lake, Bedugul. Ulun Danu Beratan temple is a sacred Hindu farmers in Bali. Sightseeing Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul founded in the 13th century by Marga Tabanan Puri family ancestors and is now jointly managed pekraman residents from 17 villages around the temple. So, if you're on holiday to Bali, take a moment to visit the beautiful temple.

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Souvenir in batur


In the north, there is a market, which will always be full for three days on the Day Paseh (Balinese calendar). This place is very interesting to visit to see the variety of products ranging from crops such as oranges, corn, vegetables, fruits, and flowers, dried fish; tools; livestock pots and baskets, plus a clothing market large. You can also see the young man who cuddle Kintamani big dogs and fluffy that prized throughout Bali

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Trekking to Mount Batur

trekking-gunung-batur Mount of Batur located in Bangli regency. The height are for about1717 meters above sea, and quite active volcanoes. Located in the northwest of Mount Agung, the mountain has a caldera measuring 13.8 x 10 kilometers and  be one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. Caldera ridge height ranging from 1267 meters to 2152 meters.
Mount Batur has erupted  many times. Since 1804, Mount Batur has erupted about 26 times. The most powerful eruptions occurred on 2 August to 21 September 1926. The eruption of Mount Batur is a flow of hot lava pile Village Ulun Danu Batur and Batur. The last eruption occurred in 2000.
Ascent to Mount Batur provide a matchless charm when you arrive at the summit before sunrise. At that time, you will see the natural beauty of Bali that watered the morning light. In addition to carpet the lake of Batur, the same  place  you can see the towering graceful of Agung Mount  , even Mount of Rinjani in Lombok island.
Starting point of the climb to the Batur volcano is usually in front of Pura Jati, Toya Bungkah Kintamani. Usually, the first step has swung at around  04.00 am. With a normal step, a trip to mountain peak  will take over two hours.
If you do trekking with a travel agency, for a one-time trip, you are charged about Rp 550 thousand per person. The price includes transfers to and from hotel, guide, lamp lighting during ascent, mineral water, fruit, hot water entrance ticket, lunch, and donations cost.
There is also offering a package to stay with the price of Rp 750 thousand per person (minimum two people). The price includes transfers from and to hotel, welcome drink, snacks, dinner, soft drinks, guide, lamp lighting during ascent, mineral water, standard room for two people, mountain-style breakfast, fruit, water entrance ticket, lunch and donations.
If you entrust these climbing arrangements to travel agents, they will ask for a fee of about USD 2.6 million per person with participants at least two people. The price includes transfers hotel in Kuta / Sanur / Nusa Dua / Ubud, also including porters, guide, entrance fees to National Parks of Mount Agung, climbing equipment, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, mattresses, lighting storms, food, insurance. Beyond that, will be charged again.
Important Supplies
sun block, hats, glasses reducing sunlight (sun glasses), camera, small towel, T-shirts, long pants, heavy jackets, raincoats, walking sticks.
Other Trekking Line
In addition to the above two objectives, there is still another trekking route that is not less interesting. Even a few lines of which pass through the rural nature of Bali so that you can see up close how the lives of rural people in Bali every day.
Trekking objectives include:
- Mount Batukaru
- Puncak Mangu
- Forest Bedugul
- Lake Tamblingan
- Lake Buyan

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

tips and tricks before visiting Komodo island

KOMODO12 Komodo ISLAND and Rinca island  are two interesting locations to visit. Two exotic locales that you can reach through Labuan Bajo, the capital of West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

Here are some tips for your journey in both two island :

1. Flights to Labuan Bajo can be done from Bali and Kupang.

2. Travel to the island of Komodo and Rinca Island must use the ship. There are many kinds of  marine transport that can be used, like the yacht, speed boat, regular boat or even traditional boat called klotok. Rental prices in one day starting from Rp1 million to 50 million depending on the type of vessel.

3. The duration of the trip from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island for about 2-5 hours, depending on the type of ship used.

4. Entrance fee per person Rp20 thousand (local) and $ 15 for foreign tourists. Cameras, camcorders, etc. will get additional cost.

5. Currently, tourists can choose go to the island of Komodo or Rinca Island. Both have its own characteristics, it's just the distance Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo further.

6. Location of Komodo Island are so wider. The range area can be selected based on short, medium or long route. Location of Rinca Island is smaller, but also divided into three tracks. At Rinca Island, we can find ape habitats, wild horses and buffalo. Habitat for deer and buffalo are also often found on Komodo Island.

7. Natural scenery on the two islands are very beautiful. However, do not be careless. Do not ever split from the party or far from the ranger (the officer who has become such a charmer dragons).

8. Sun's heat was overpowering, it is advisable to wear hats and use sun protection cream.

9. It is recommended to buy a souvenir on the island of Rinca and Komodo, because souvenirs are still difficult to find in Labuan Bajo.  Some Souvenirs design such as the statue of dragons, typical fabric Flores, pearls, and t-sHirt.

10. In Labuan Bajo also available complete accommodation from economic hostels or star class luxury hotel

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tips and trick before visiting batur mount and lake

TWO amazing view of Batur Mount and Batur Lake appear from the village of Batur, Kintamani District will make anyone who came to visit made spellbound. Coupled with a unique funeral Kuban at Trunyan will certainly make you wonder.

Prior to enjoy various adventures in Batur, whether natural or culinary tour, some of these tips may be able to keep your vacation stay pleasant ambience.

1. Weather in the region is quite cold, so you better bring a sweater.

2. If you want to climb the Mount of Batur, better bring a guide or friend who has ever climbed the mountain before.

3. Make sure the condition of your body in healthy before climbing the Mount of Batur.

4. Do not forget to bring your camera, because the scenery in this tourist area is very feasible to preserve.

5. When you are free to roam Batur alone, could use the services of travel agents. Normally, all travel agents in Bali, Kintamani include in their  itinerary (travel route) .

6. Many street hakers who sell a few souvenirs. If you do not want to buy anything from them, do not make contact with them unless you want to be followed  until you give up and buy from them.

7.  It will be Better to visit Mount and Lake Batur in the dry season, this will make lakeside activities is available and can be enjoyed. While in the rainy season, the view that will you get will be foggy and wet. Read also Batur mountain

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Mountain and batur lake of kintamani

kintamani1 In the mountainous areas around Kintamani, there is Mount of Batur with a deep crater lake and hot springs that are in turmoil. The cool mountain air with views to all directions, as beautiful with the existence of several important temples, which have made Kintamani become one of the places that are not forgotten the Bali tourist agenda.
actually, Mount of Batur is only one of a small volcano, but its location was in the midst of a large crater diameter of 14 km. In addition, Mount of Batur adjacent to the crescent-shaped of Batur Lake surrounded by high walls of the crater edge. Size steepness of the crater will make you imagine the massive eruption of Mount Batur which happened ten thousand years ago.
The mountain is still active today as Balinese people who still remember the explosion that occurred in the 1917 eruption which has taken thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of temples. Another eruption often occurs after the incident, forcing local people to be evacuated, along with several temples including one of the main temple of Bali, Ulun Danu. Ulun Danu Temple which was originally located inside a large crater, then moved to the top of the hill. Now, Ulun Danu Temple offers a charming view of Mount Batur.
You can reach the location of Batur Mount by taxi or rent a car. You can also join a tour to visit the Batur Mount and Batur Lake. Tourists can change buses between South Bali and Lovina, then stopped at Kintamani.

  • Where to Stay
    There are several places of accommodation ranging from star hotels or economic hotels of Kintamani. You can choose one of them as your budget.
  • Dining Guide
    In Penelokan, there are several restaurants, where you can relax and get some food according to your taste.
  • Tour
    To round the Batur area, you only need to walk or can also rent a bicycle.

You can also see more about

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  2. Ulun Danu Temple as an important Pura there

  3. uniqueness of mortuary tradition

  4. Tracking

  5. Tips and trick visiting Batur

See more pictures of Mountain and Batur Lake of Kintamani

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

the green of Curug Cikaso Waterfall

cikaso waterfall 3 We will visit an area in west Java province, precisely in Sukabumi. Sukabumi has a myriad of beautiful waterfall. One of them is Cikaso Waterfall  or known with the Curug Cikaso. The distance is about 33 kilometers from the Ujung Genteng coast.
Cikaso waterfall is an appropriate location for swimming in freshwater. Waterfall that falls from a height of 30 meters it really gives a fresh view that will never make us bored. Overflow waterfall looks majestic and charming. Although a little green, but it is very clear.
Green moss covering the rocks look like a beautiful tapestry. Were there as invited guests to do the adventure through fantasy land. Cikaso is not just a place to off a fatigue, but at the same time enjoy the gift of the Divine.
Cikaso is the name of the river that flows from the upper reaches are located in North Sukabumi until the end with its estuary on the South Coast region Surade District, South Sukabumi. From upstream to its estuary, the river water flow through some cikaso cliffs forming the river flow is an amazing waterfall. Cikaso waterfall is located between Jampang Kulon and Surade.
besides known by the charm of its beach, tile Ujung also rich with waterfalls along the rivers. Cikaso addition, there are also Curug Luhur, Curug Cigansa and much more.
Apart from boat engines, there is also a wooden boat or familiar there with jukung boat as an alternative to reach the waterfall. This boat was originally used to transport sand residents. But if anyone wants to use his services as a transportation to the location of waterfalls, boat owners will be willing to deliver to the location.
The distance between the mainland with waterfall location is not too far away, just across the straight if you want to walk away. However, to facilitate travel while enjoying the river Cikaso, you should choose the path of the river by boat services. Around the outskirts of this river the miners or local residence there mining the sand. Of course, this being the special view.
See more pictures of Cikaso Waterfall below

Monday, 7 February 2011

the west outer islands of Indonesia

pulau-weh-0 Actually, Weh Island is not the west outer islands of Indonesia, but there's one more small islands called the island of Rondo, but may be due to the island was uninhabited, the Indonesian society is more familiar with Weh island as west outer islands of Indonesia. In fact, there is also some indonesia people that know Sabang city but do not know which island it located. The city was inhabited approximately 24 thousand inhabitants. it is the former Freeport, but as we all know, once the prolonged conflict in Aceh and the surrounding area including the island of Weh, therefore free port was closed by the government to prevent the entry of illegal weapons into Indonesia.
Currently, the city of Sabang Freeport reopened by the government while the condition on this area are getting more conducive and a new port has been waiting to support the plan. Sabang can be reached using the fast and slow ferries from the city of Banda Aceh, with fast ferry takes approximately 45 minutes from Banda Aceh.
As we all know, including the entire world know that there had been a quite miserable  disaster on the 24th december 2004 in the province of Aceh, including this area, namely the Tsunami. Weh island generally and Sabang especially also affected that quite sad disaster, though no casualties as much as other areas affected by the tsunami. A lot of infrastructure to be paralyzed by the disaster.
On this day in the town of Sabang and Weh island began to re-grow as the number of relief funds from foreign countries and local and government to develop Sabang and surrounding areas. Livelihoods of the population most of whom work as civil servants and they expect that after a while Freeport running and growing longer they can earn a living from trade and industry. In this island there is also a monument called Kilometre Zero Monument. In this monument there is a symbol of the bird Garuda on its top end. As we have told earlier that Weh is not the west outer islands of Indonesia, but there's one more small islands called the island of Rondo. But because the island was uninhabited, the monument built on the island of Weh, about an hour drive from the town of Sabang. The road to the monument kilometers own not so good, maybe this is because only few people visit these places or maybe vice versa because of poor access that causes a few people who can reach the place.But one thing is for sure, few of Indonesia's population has ever visited the place. This can be seen from the local tourism department notes that it provides a certificate to those who has visited the place.
One thing that is fun to visit each other if there is: can see the sunset in the western region of Indonesia. Because, that's how it should be, obtaining the sun sets in the west and rises in the east
See more pictures of Weh Island below


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Dreamland as Beautiful Beach and New Surfing Spots in Bali

Dreamland is one of beautiful beach in Bali island. Dreamland is located at the tip region of Pecatu Village, Badung regency, Bali. About 20 minutes from Uluwatu and 45 minutes from the north beach of Kuta. If you've ever heard about Bingan or Pedang pedang, Dreamland is in the there adjacent to the beach of Balangan. So if you want to get there, just follow the road towards Uluwatu beach.

Beautiful natural beaches, Sandy coral and a fantastic place to sunbathe, not too disturbed, although there are some semi-permanent buildings. Location of clean sandy brown on the narrow beach, below the steep rock walls, is suitable as a dream beach to watch the sunset or see the tourist playing surfboard. The water was still so clean, crystal clear. There is a hill overlooking a white sandy beach. The waves were so appropriate for the surfing enthusiast. Now dreamland has become a new surfing spots in Bali.

There are several cafés and other facilities. There are also food vendors and rental of chair that we can use. Lodging there is still quite cheap. If you want a little luxury, now is available 'Dreamland Villa' with complete fasility like 33 private pool for each villa complex . Of course location is very close to the beach. The fares of U.S. $ 262-850 per day should be used as a reference for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of Dreamland with certainly get luxury hotel facilities.

Seeing its beauty and still so natural Dreamland, the place was suitable for the purpose of having fun when you're traveling to Bali. Enjoy the beach of your dreams.
See more photos for dreamland beach below ....


Saturday, 5 February 2011

National Archives Building

 National Archives Building was build with Renaissance architectural style which looks elegant and artistic. Initially before converted into a museum, this building serves as a resting place Reyner de Klerk.

When was the beginning of the 18th century, the VOC had conquered Banten and Mataram, at that city in an unhealthy state in the region while outside the city was safe. 

The group of elite or wealthy officials such as Reyner de Klerk build vacation home (landhuis) with one large yard that is now the National Archives Building. In the big house lived the status of serf labor. The numbers there are approximately 150 people. 

The slaves were imported from various regions was then employed as a housemaid, maid of employers, umbrella or take the place of betel and place jewelry employers. Among the bondsman is nothing special as a group hired orchestra. They entertain the employer at dinner with your family or entertaining special guests. 

Old building that is now the National Archives Building was once a dream home de Klerk. He himself who designed the house. And design it until now retained. Ryner build a vacation home outside this city with a large yard as the place where the elite group with their family enjoying the weekend. 

Old buildings and beautiful green shades are belakangn often used as a place for various activities such as exhibitions, art and culture until the wedding ceremony. 

National Archives Building has a building area 1.272.2 sq. m, is the only government-owned building that does not charge entry or free to the public. 

This building is open to the public every day except Monday, or if there is a museum event from 06.00 to 17.00 pm for the building. As for the front yard until 18:00 pm because in part people use yard to play and exercise. 

Inside this building there is mostly a collection of maps, which depict the history of mapping in Indonesia. Start the first map depicting Islands archipelago, as envisioned by Bartholomeus from Alexandria, Egypt until the last maps made by American soldiers during World War II. There was also a collection of old furniture. 

One of the programs the Foundation of the National Archives Building today by Tamalia is trying to increase collections. By adding a collection. Later the National Archives Building may become a museum that also contains information about changes in furniture styles from century to century

Friday, 4 February 2011

Alwatzikhoebillah Palace in Sambas

Old-fashioned but well maintained. Green and cool. That's about the impression that emerged when we set our foot the Palace of Alwatzikhoebillah Sambas Sultanate. To enter the palace area, visitors will pass through two gates. The first gate is the gate to enter the square and also as has a fungtion to limit public roads with the palace area, while the second gate has fungtion to limit the square with a courtyard.
The main palace building is located in the middle and has the largest size. On the left wing and right, there are buildings that connect directly with supporters of the main palace building. The building was formerly used as a left-wing place to entertain guests of honor, while building the right wing used to prepare for all purposes of the sultan and his family. Now, the left wing of the building was used as a place to store the heirlooms empire.
In addition, visitors can see the former sultan's family bathing pool right next to the palace and residence of the family who is behind the sultan's palace.
Around the region Alwatzikhoebillah Palace, there are various facilities, such as mosques, food stalls, tour guides, kiosk telephone kiosk, credit vouchers, souvenirs centers and souvenirs, as well as canoe rentals and boat speed for the area surrounding the palace.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

carbide cannon (Meriam Karbit) Tradition

As in previous years, ahead of Idul Fitri some residents Pontianak often thronged the banks of the Kapuas River. The purpose of their arrival is none other than to watch people play carbide cannon. What kind of game that carbide cannon?
Viewed from the aspect of history, carbide cannon game has close affinity with the history of the founding of the city of Pontianak. At that time, Sultan Sayyid Abdurrahman Alkadri Sharif, founder of the City of Pontianak, who was also the first sultan sultanate of Pontianak, firing cannon toward the mainland. The goal is to expel the ghost which was roaming on land.
To commemorate the historic event, the City of Pontianak residents, especially those living on the banks of the Kapuas River makes cannon-fired shaft meriaman large logs. Cannon from wood then given a carbide (CaC2) and give with the flames on one of its corners. This unique traditions can be met from week to two month of Ramadan.
Carbide cannon is not like the cannon of iron. This cannon made of wood with a diameter of approximately 50 cm - 100 cm, with a length of between 4-7 meters. In one part, precisely in the middle of the cannon, was given hole. The way to play the game is very easy. Before use, cannon first filled with water with a certain amount. Then, carbide inserted therein.
Carbide which reacts with water to produce gas which, if ignited by fire will cause an explosion. For a one-time games take at least 3-5 ounces of carbide. Blast sound in hasilkannya able to shake buildings in the vicinity. In some cases, never happen at home broke. This condition occurs if the distance between the gun too close to home.
Theoretically, the explosion which caused the cannon carbide in because of gas concentration in a narrow place. The gas generated by carbide has a flammable nature. Accumulation of gas in large quantities can be obtained in a relatively short time by mixing water with carbide. "Carbide having a chemical formula CaC2. CO2 contained in the carbide can be separated if the carbide exposed to water. If the CO2 gas gathered and accumulated in a narrow space (the cannon), the gas will easily burn if exposed to fire, "said Dean of Faculty of Science, DR. Thamrin Usman, DEA.
Explosion effect will be more terrible if the amount of carbide and water using a ratio of 2:1. By simple calculation, to produce a large CO2, 0.8 ounces of carbide should be mixed with 35cc of water. In addition to using carbide, the explosion also can be caused by gas pemanpatan LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). How it works is simple, namely LPG gas in compressed within a narrow space. After a solid, gas and LPG in North Sulawesi with fire. The result, a large explosion will occur.
Like what past carbide cannon? Being cannon carbide from year to year according to Anwar, the people of Kampung Bansir, continues to evolve. In the past, made carbide cannon from stem material of coconut or nut trees. Along with the enactment of the golden age of the wood industry, the stem of coconut and areca nut trees were replaced with logs. The sound was generated at the eardrum-splitting guarantee.
To obtain a quality timber, said Anwar, the timber should be submerged in the mud at the bottom of the Kapuas River. The goal is to kill insects that eat wood. After so many years in penamkan in the mud, timber and then raise up onto the stage in Nibung. "The process boosts the wood is somewhat difficult. To lighten the work, usually of wood in raising when it was high tide, "he explained.
If the chain has been in such a way, the sound boom of cannon carbide wood is very hard. His voice thundering through with 4-5 kilometers from the stage. Quite often raises his voice echoes repeated.
For people who like to be a challenge, they can meraakan great sensation when lit cannon karnit. Bang a roaring voice and a stage capable of snapping wood shake Nibung built on the banks of the Kapuas River. This action clearly stimulate the heart.
Enchantment of the game is clear the people of cannon carbide has interesting cultural enchantment value. According to H Martias, Chairman of MPI (Indonesian Tourism Society), West Kalimantan, many domestic and foreign tourists are fascinated with carbide cannon game in the city of Pontianak. For tourists, a game like that obviously is something that is rare. Most likely, there is only carbide cannon attraction in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pancung coffee

Enchantment night Pontianak now become one of tourist attraction. Lined coffee houses characterized. One is the Coffee Pancong. So called because the coffee is poured in a measuring cup is not full, but only half a glass. As we have read in the legal site culture and tourism departement of Kalimantan Barat, To be able to enjoy a cup of pancong aromatic coffee , true coffee connoisseurs simply pay Rp 1.500 - Rp 2,000 per glass.

In addition to offering typical pancong coffee enjoyment Pontianak, warkop also provide hot coffee with a rate of glass that fits. A glass coffee high flavor can be enjoyed with a price Rp3000 - Rp3.500. Before ordering a cup of coffee, the waiter will give two bids warkop. Want to filter coffee or coffee powder.

For those who are regular coffee, so of course the question will be answered according to taste. Filter coffee is the drink filtered coffee before serving. Because memalui screening process, the coffee produced any color is not too thick. While the ground coffee is coffee drinks served by powdered coffee brewing directly into the glass. Because menyedu presented in a way, then make sure the smell of coffee in the original will be immediately smelled. Tasty and fragrant.

To make its loyal customers like to linger, a number of entrepreneurs in Jalan Gajah Mada warkop competing to provide excellent service.

For those who like coffee in the open air, some employers warkop has provided a special table placed close to the motorway. For those who like to surf, hot spots even in providing. Special services are also provided on the ball mania. Action the world footballer who competed in the Bundesliga, Calcio league, even at the World Cup stage, every moment can be seen through the white screen hanging on one wall warkop.

Well, now there are at your choice. Want to select a coffee while berinternetan ria, or coffee while watching the live broadcast of football matches the world, are all available in warkop. Special offers such as these can continue to enjoy throughout the night. Special Saturday night, warkop will open late

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pontianak Mie Tiaw

Chinese food is one of the typical culinary Pontianak namely Apollo  Mie Tiaw located at Patimura street and 72 Mie Tiaw  Antasari street. As we find in the legal site culture and tourism departement of Kalimantan Barat, The choices consist of fried noodles or noodle tiaw tiaw flush, both are equally delicious because it comes tiaw noodles with beef, offal, eggs, mustard leaves and sprouts.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Nyobeng Traditional culture

Tamu Upacara Nyobeng  Nyobeng from various references is a ritual bathing or cleaning the human skull by the results mengayau ancestors. This was done by the Dayak Bidayuh tribe, one of the sub-tribe in Kampung Sebujit Dayak, Sub Siding, Bengkayang District, West Kalimantan.
MENGAYAU is beheading people, and the skull preserved. Now, the tradition mengayau has not done anymore . The ceremony was quite touching, and lasted for three days. Starting on 15 to 17 June.
Its main activities namely, bathing the skull that are stored in custom homes. As a rule believed to be hereditary. Starting greet guests at the village boundaries. Initially, this was done to welcome members of the group who came from mengayau. Greeter, wearing a sash of red cloth decorated with beads of animal teeth. Comes with chopsticks and destroyed the gun sounded, when the invited guests would enter the village limits. Chopsticks also pointed simultaneously.
Blast from the gun apart, is also useful to call the ancestral spirits at once asked permission for the implementation of Nyobeng ritual. Then, traditional elders threw dog into the air. In saber, the chairman of the party guests have to cut them down. If still alive, should be cut with a saber once fell to the ground. Procession The same goes for chicken. Traditional elders to the group throwing eggs guest. If the egg is not broken, then the guests who came to be insincere. Conversely, if broken, means guests come with sincerity.
White and yellow rice was thrown while reciting mantras. The girls then serve wine from mixed mimic tree bark that has dried pakak. After drinking, the group was escorted to Guest Houses Balug, in the middle of the township.
Houses Balug is a traditional house in the form of houses on stilts and is round. To enter this house, made steps made from bar tree. Approximately 10 meters in width with a height of 15 meters from the ground.
When you sign in place of the ceremony, the group given a splash of water that has been given a spell with anjuang leaf, which serves as a starting reinforcements. The goal, for the guests to avoid disaster. When entering the ceremony, guests must tread gourd fruit placed in the basin is better known as the ritual pepasan.
Together with residents, guests then danced around the house dance Mamiamis while customary. Mamiamis, is a dance to welcome and honor the defenders of ancestral lands, newly arrived from mengayau. While indigenous Elders accompanied by singing songs and reading spells.
Traditional elders rose Houses Balug. Simlog was beaten and firecrackers sounded. The goal is to summon ancestral spirits and also as a sign of the commencement ceremony Nyobeng. Followed by dinner in the House Balug. with rice with fish, pork. Tolerance is too high. For Muslims, provided special diet rather than pork. After dining, guests may leave the area of custom homes.
The choices people can rest at home. At rest, the majority of men in the area through the forest to look for bamboo forests. Diameter of about tens of centimeters.
At the same time, every home makes offerings that dioles with the blood of chicken wings. It also sprinkled chicken blood to the parts of the house and yard are considered sacred.
After that the family and guests back to the traditional house. After the bamboo forest can be searched, the men carried him toward the custom house in a gang. By holding the saber bamboo surrounded as he marched.
Saber who brought a family heirloom. Decoration on the saber hilt made of bone or wood. The ornaments also as a symbol of meaning and specific achievements of the holder in mengayau saber. Proper preparation. Chairman custom cue to start activities. One step forward, opening the saber from the scabbard while slashing saber to a bamboo rod.
In one slash, broken bamboo. This success is a good sign, according to public confidence. After the show was cut bamboo. Ruh was summoned by the head of customs.
The goal is to deliver and apply for permission which has protected to start Nyobeng. Traditional elders later, climbed the stage house. Seven kinds of offerings will be placed on the village boundary. Then, the box located on the pinnacle of custom homes in which stored human skulls and a necklace of boar tusks, taken by the traditional elders and rubbed his hands with a special potion.
Then the topical application of the skull that is in the box. Next Katuas hinga a chicken head cut off. The head and drops of blood smeared on the skull of the chicken. The skull is inserted again in the box and stored. The event was followed by cutting the dog.
The blood that comes out in support poles is swabbed with custom homes, small houses, and statues of men and women who are in addition to the traditional house and sculpture. Houses and the statues are regarded as the origin of their ancestors. Cutting the dog is intended to reject the evil spirits. Some dog meat freshly cut and then brought onto the customs house.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Spicy Porridge

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg Spicy porridge made from finely ground rice call oseng, then given flavor such as onion, garlic, black pepper, sere, bay leaves, do not forget the salt and sugar. finely ground flavor except sere, bay leaves, of course, then make it oseng as well as pounded rice . Then the spices put into boiling water which we fill with meat or bone tetelan cow, along with mashed rice.

After the rice and seasonings mixed into the beef broth, then we give a variety of

vegetables such as kale, leaf fern, the corn which has being pipil  , potato, turmeric leaf and leaf kesum (for leaf kesum may exist only in West Kalimantan) leaves this kesum make typical spicy-scented porridge but if too much is also felt uncomfortable spicy porridge has been cooked the porridge later. If the spicy ready to serve along with crackers, fried peanuts, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce and fried onions, and also  add lemon juice .

  • tetel :residual meat attached to the bone (a mixture of meat, muscle, fat, etc.) that has been exfoliated from bones and cut into pieces
  • pipil : remove corn kernels from the cob

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


lanning a trip was very enjoyable, especially supported by adequate facilities. In fact, every trip can be an unforgettable life experience, There are a few tips you can use for the journey becomes more enjoyable if you want to tour through a travel agency (BPW):
  1. Plan your trip carefully, it's worth making a reservation or booking four months in advance, before the day of departure. Plan a trip far more profitable for the previous day BPW usually give diskonyang quite interesting.
  2. Be careful in choosing a travel agency and select a quality. Not all travel agents are able to provide the things needed by the customer, for that you must be smart to choose a highly credible.
  3. Consider carefully the tour packages offered by travel agency (tour and travel agents). Do not fall asleep with the lure of cheap prices. It's good, you noticed kesuaian between price and facilities that would be obtained.
  4. Note also the entire contents of the package tour that will be purchased. Is it in accordance hotels, planes, and the place has to offer.
  5. In order for your trip can be more fun and you do not need to bother anymore thinking about events in destinations, consult your wishes because the travel agency is usually ready to assist the purposes of the A to Z.
  6. Prior to travel, especially abroad, need to equip themselves with travel documents, travel guide books, clothing, adjusted for temperature or season, local state and of course enough pocket money.
  7. Keep your body to keep fit. For example with a comfortable bed when I travel. If necessary use an eye patch and my ears so your sleep is not disturbed. If possible tidurkan seat as low as possible so you can sleep more comfortably.
    In addition to map alternate routes, especially provisions that should be prepared for travel back and forth Lebaran can safely and comfortably?
  8. Net-efficient manner.
    If you want to save, prepare a cloth napkin or clean towel. In addition to dry towels, napkins ready damp (wet the cooking water, then wring it out), fold, store in plastic bags. Stay safe without smelling up to 12 hours of travel. Useful for hand washing. In emergency conditions, can be used to wash the face or bathing.
  9. Of course, if you want to practice we must replace it with wet wipes and dry wipes. But consequently, we are contributing to the waste of environmental resources.
    Water should not Iupa.
    Cooking water or bottled water is a multipurpose stock. Its main purpose is as a drinking water, but in a state of daruratbisa really used truly an emergency can be used for multiple purposes outside the body, such as washing or washing raw foods. Select bottled water clear and colorless, contains no foreign material that hovered, the base of the inner bottle is not moldy. Most important, buy a brand that is well known, the lid sealed, and not sold in a direct sunlight.
  10. Bringing Personal Medications currently on holiday
    When you are traveling far, or go travel of comfort and salvation itself must be maintained. One way is to bring medicines that are large is for you. Especially for those who do have a certain disease should get immediate treatment. The following tips should you do if you have a problem with health.
  11. Enter your medications into a bag that goes with you everywhere. This avoids the loss of baggage in the middle of the journey.
    Bring medication in its original bottle or packaging complete with a letter of testimony for the purposes of the security service.
  12. Travel documents you'll need at any time while traveling can be placed in a bag smaller than the suitcase or backpack. In addition to the documents, this bag should contain:
  • Identification, can be a KTP (for domestic travel) or passport (for travel abroad)
  • Wallet
  • Driving Permit
  • Insurance cards or letters used in the insurance
  • Credit card
  • Traveler checks
  • Coupons you want to use
  • Airline tickets, cruise travel tickets or train tickets. Place where you find it fast
  • Any information required in the itinerary. Confirmation numbers and addresses and phone numbers where you will stay
  • Travel brochures and maps
  • Little money for tips

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The cool Tawangmangu waterfall

Tawangmangu, an area at the foot of Mount Lawu, about 30 kilometers east of Solo. An area of nature tourism is pretty much visited by tourists both locally and internationally, as well as a transit place for nature lovers who want to make the climb to the mountain Lawu.
What can we find in Tawangmangu?
Tawangmangu area is also famous as a tourist area with a waterfall attractions named Grojogan Sewu, which when translated means Seribu Waterfall. This area is also near a swimming pool with a tour called Balekambang. Tourists can surround the road that was there either while walking or riding a horse who rented there while enjoying the scenery or look at souvenirs are sold there.
One of the special attractions Grojogan Sewu, it was a refuge for tens or even hundreds of monkeys that still inhabit habitats around the waterfall. Apes are sometimes ignorant of this most happy if given food or drink by the visitors, but do not try nosy, these apes can turn into a super fierce.
The most famous food in Tawangmangu is rabbit satay. These foods can be enjoyed in restaurant or eating-house there is lots of street vendors around Grojogan Sewu.
One more famous than Tawangmangu is typical of mountains that cold air, though now no longer as cold as earlier times, and carrot harvest activities we can see and can direct us to eat at a place after being washed from the many springs found there.
One thing that might be a bit annoying when traveling in Tawangmangu we are in the market and a terminal that looks a little shabby and there are some places that famous as a place of adventure for a philanderer. But, in terms of the most common, Tawangmangu still can get listed in a tourist destination if you're traveling to Solo.

In areas that are still included in this Karanganyar regency, we cas also found some relics of the temple's history. One of the most famous is Sukuh Temple, a Hindu temple located just below the Tawangmangu. This temple is famous mainly because of a phallus-shaped sculptural reliefs and yoni which is a symbol of the male penis and female.

The alternatif Picnic, Sangan Lake

Sarangan road, which looks a winding but beautiful. Create a motorist, it would be very nice. Test driving skills while enjoying the fresh air. Making do longing if not longer.

For this reason, sharp and narrow steep that, local government Magetan since several years ago initiated the project through a more smooth way. Now the road had been finished, the pass (starting from before the main gate until Cemoro Sewu Sarangan) in this way, the Solo-Madiun Magetan Karanganyar through the usual 2 hours could 'only' 1 hour. The story is 'dreaming' as Puncak, Bogor

From the street we can see the lake aitu Sarangan from another view from the top, where the entire tourist area Sarangan can be seen to spoil the eye amid the cold Sarangan Peak.

Overview of your way to Cemoro Sewu, look Telaga Sarangan already 'is not a virgin "anymore because a lot surrounded by buildings, began to market tiban to the hotel.

Sarangan is a tourist site in the highlands of Mount Lawu, with the main object of lake and waterfall, surrounded by a distinctive feel of the mountains. From there Magetan 17 km south-west (toward mountains) to arrive at Sarangan. Now if the city west of Karanganyar, Solo, Central Java path already ramps not like before rising almost 75 degrees
There are a few shops there, serving typical mountain tourism, such as roasted corn, rabbit satay and definitely warm drinks. Simply too busy that day. My family and took time to sit Lesbian enjoying Rp9000 for 20 rabbit satay sticks and rice cake