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Wonderfull sunset In Kuta Beach Bali

In Kuta beach, visitors can make surfing or surfing, playing soccer, flying kites, just lying on the warm beach sand, or wash the eyes of Western tourists watched the sun. If interested in services or hair ponytail temporary tattoo, it also can be found at this beach.

Borobudur as the Biggest Buddhist Temple

Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, Sailendra descendants. Based on Kayumwungan inscription, an Indonesian named Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur is a place of worship which was completed May 26 824, nearly a hundred years since the early days was built.

The cool Tawangmangu waterfall

Tawangmangu area is also famous as a tourist area with a waterfall attractions named Grojogan Sewu, which when translated means Seribu Waterfall. This area is also near a swimming pool with a tour called Balekambang

Tangkuban Perahu Crater

natural and beauty with a row of craters that stretch and cool mountain air and the expanse of the typical mountain other surrounding high-rise and the number of collections of plants and plants typical of tropical forests that flourished around the crater, making the boat Tangkuban as an attractive tourist destination in Subang regency

Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park

National Park,Bogani Nani Wartabone in Gorontalo previously named Dumoga Bone, having many Nature Tours such Kosinggolan, Toraut, Lombongo, Tambun, Matayangan and various ecological uniqueness as a transitional geographic area Indomalayan at the west and Papua-east Australia (Wallaceae Area)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Complete Tourism Of Baturaden

Baturaden is a district in Banyumas, Central Java. It is said that this term comes from the story or that the story was a son of the King (in the Java language called Raden) where he was in love with a maid (in the Java language called Batur). Unfortunately her parents do not agree that relationship, so at the end, they live in foothills / mountains (Gunung Slamet) which so beautiful and have cool weather, since that even, the location is called by the name of Baturaden.when Baturaden be a natural attractions that are spectacular, the location was not far from the city of Purwokerto, for about 14 km to the north and only takes about 20 minutes. Left hand was now standing by building magnificent hotels and restaurants that will satisfy us enjoy the variety of food menu, both traditional and have relatively modern. Although road conditions are not too wide, but fairly clean and smooth. After entering the gate lokawisata Baturaden, cool weather has begun. Arriving in the parking lot, we are immediately treated with hospitality vendors lined up along the road to the entrance.

Before your adventure to make it easier to schedule, should know the ingredients or the existing attractions Baturaden diseputaran namely:
  1.  Wanawisata: Located about 2 km from Lokawisata Baturraden. Here we can see the panorama of nature with a variety of relatively large trees such as fir and pine. This location can also be used as a camp.
  2. Waterfall: Located in the village Ketenger Tourism, approximately 2 km down tanggadari Lokawisata Baturaden. With a cool atmosphere, we can enjoy the falling water droplets with a gurgling sound reassuring. Often there are also children who plunged into the silence of nature hoping to get a coin / coins in throwing visitors. If you want more to enjoy the beauty of the sensational a good idea to climb the bridge which is right above the waterfall. From here we can better enjoy the beautiful panorama Baturaden.
  3. Quiet Lake: Located about 3 km direction selatanl Baturaden. At Lake sunyihari holidays are usually the place is now filled with children who play the water cycle. At the top of the lake, the kids can play in the game that has been provided, such swings, trains and others.
  4. Shower Telu: It is a fountain with three springs. The location is ± 3 km from Lokawisata Baturraden. Here we can enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature, right here neatly arranged pine trees that shade, the more fresh eyes and our hearts. At any given time there are also massage services at this location.
  5. Shower Pitu: Almost similar to telu shower, the shower consists of seven springs and location ± 7 km from Lokawisata Baturraden.

Once satisfied with enjoying the natural scenery is still original, combined with the piercing cold skin, feeling laparpun was not restrained. We can enjoy the specialty of Purwokerto Sroto chicken / meat, tempeh dage Mendoan and warm. There are also a lot of rabbit satay traders sold on this Baturaden around it. It was an interesting experience and leave a beautiful memory and hope to come back here next time.

You're curious, please visit the location, guaranteed to bring us forget the fatigue that we experience.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Baron Beach

Baron beach is the most popular beach in Gunungkidul, because this beach is the first beach to be seen if we visit group sea and land, a symbol of elegance of Gunungkidul beach tourism. Baron Beach ranks, Kukup Beach, long Beach, Beach Sundak Krakal and there lined up, pamper visitors will host peace fanfare heart waves.

Baron beach is located in the Village Kemadang, Tanjungsari District, about 20 km south of Wonosari (40 km from the city of Yogyakarta). Coast to witness the meeting between seawater and freshwater, which is the result of a river which empties into the one corner of the beach baron, as a symbol of two hearts berpadunya although with different backgrounds.
The travelers will be pampered with a beauty that delivers wind waves to flirt with sand, so patiently wait for her lover. The results of such wealth Baron large shrimp (lobster), white bawal fish, snapper, tuna was ready pamper guests, whether fresh or prepared food. As a recommendation, the menu here is the mainstay Kakap Sop.

One moment which is very unfortunately passed Alms Sea Ceremony organized by the local fishing community suro every month in Javanese calendar, as an expression of thanksgiving to Almighty God for an abundance of seafood has been granted.

Wonderfull sunset In Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta began to be known as the traders from the Danish open trade representative office here. Trade relationship that exists between trade representatives with the original indigenous population and growing rapidly.

A new beginning in the year 1930 a married couple from California Americans very impressed with the beauty of Kuta beach, who was completely untouched human intervention, aka natural. Kuta Beach Hotel is the first hotel that stood in this area, but unfortunately had to shut down because the Japanese army invaded the island of Bali at the time. In 1960 when many Australian tourists who had to stop in Bali for a trip to Europe, Kuta began increasingly recognized again. In the process, the more interesting areas of Kuta tourist visits not only from Australia, but also from many other parts of the world.

Quickly hotels stand along the Kuta beach area. Usually the hotels area of this international standard, or at least an international hotel group. Starting from the beginning of the end of Kuta Beach Inna Kuta B are each Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Mercure Hotel, etc.. Also stands a very comfortable inn boutique style resort is Kulkul Nature Boutique and Resort.

The most crowded time at Kuta beach is kawansan in the evening or during sunset (sunset). All the tourists whether local or foreign tourists gathered into one here. Moreover, there are special moments in the country such as school holidays, vacations Lebaran or Idul Fitri holidays new year, it could certainly become increasingly crowded.

In Kuta beach, visitors can make surfing or surfing, playing soccer, flying kites, just lying on the warm beach sand, or wash the eyes of Western tourists watched the sun. If interested in services or hair ponytail temporary tattoo, it also can be found at this beach.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Exotis of Curug Cipendok

CURUG Cipendok is natural sights of the highest waterfalls in the southern part of Central Java. In  tourist area having a height for about 800 meters from sea level (asl) located in this Banyumas Cilongok, visitors can feel the sensation of wind blowing and splashing waterfalls as high as 200 meters. With cool air and natural scenery that really natural.
domestic tourists who come to this curug every holiday can reach 10 thousand people.
in Curug Cipendok many unique panorama. In addition there is a waterfall, there is also a lake and a vehicle Pucung Penginyongan Village. "In this place served dangdut music entertainment and exhibition python. In fact, visitors can picture with a python that was tame
Butterfly Park
It is said, to reach Curug Cipendok, visitors can use a car or motorbike around 8 kilometers from the village of Losari Cilongok District. Looking ahead, the area protected Curug Cipendok Perum Perhutani Unit I Central Java, will also ride the park plus a butterfly. It will also be equipped with a number of other fauna flora facilities, a Javanese eagles, monkeys, tigers Java, snakes and rare plants in the world.
Cipendok Curug area there are still many animals and rare plant species. Even recently, from research students of the Faculty of Biology Unsoed Purwokerto found two species of rare butterflies. "Here too there are species of orchids, PLANTS and rare plants that exist only in Cipendok, namely puyengan and Euphorbia pulcherrima.

The Natural of Sekar Langit Waterfall

Her name is beautiful, Sekarlangit. This waterfall is a part of tourist attraction (obwis) in Magelang regency, precisely Village Grabag Telogorejo Magelang District. Watershed upstream of this waterfall in the area Ngablak Magelang district. Water that falls from above, so beautiful. That's why people named as interest down from the sky. Cool with the natural panorama of Mount Andong and Telomoyo and campground, Sekarlangit high waterfall about 25-30 meters.

Sekar sky waterfall at the foot of this Merbabu is a good place to travel, the water was cold, with cool air and natural charm pristine waterfalls make this a perfect place for nature lovers or even for just a tour with the family, relatives or your friends.
Wild bird bird accompanied by the roar of water falling makes the atmosphere of this place even more charming and beautiful.

GRABAG waterfall area is accessible by two wheel drive or four, from the direction or salatiga magelang.
The winding road between the mountains and forests make the journey to this place even more fascinating

Monday, 1 March 2010

Komodo Island, The Nominator of New 7 Wonder

Komodo island proposed for the seven new wonders of nature. Competing with 261 natural tourist destination that diusukan by 222 other countries. In a competition held by the New7Wonders Foundation, in fact many miracles which allows Komodo to win this contest. So what magic is contained in the Komodo Island. Yuk! take a look.

LeisureRoll - the first miracle of course is the Komodo dragon itself. Komodo dragon or a lizard called the Komodo dragon full (Varanus Komodoenis) is the largest lizard species in the world of the living. Komodo dragons are found in Pulua Komodo, Gili and Gili Dasami Motang in Nusa Tenggara. The natives call it by name Ora.

The average length of Komodo dragon can reach 3 meters and weigh 100 kg. Large size is associated with symptoms of island gigantism, the tendency for body meraksasanya certain animals that live on the smallest island associated with the absence of carnivorous mammals. Because of his large size, Komodo dragon position who dominate the top predator ecosystem where to live.

First discovered by Western scientists in 1910. With his huge body and his reputation as a horrible vultures make this ancient animal quickly popular. On the island, located in West Menggarai district, east Nusa Tenggara, the Komodo dragon can be seen up close.

Watching the activity of the Komodo dragon is another miracle. For example, marriage komodo happened between May to August, the Komodo dragon eating deer, goats or pigs. Komodo sunbathing and watching the streets and dicabang trees in the morning.

For that there are several alternative choices. Seeking adventure ancient animals like dragons can be done while trekking to the valley or climb Poreng to Mount Ara. While Banu via Nggulung could be an alternative for those of you who do not want to walk away.

Komodo National Park should be achieved by speedboat from the Port of Bajo West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara during the 4 hour drive.

Floating in the middle of the blue silent Flores Sea, Komodo Island waiting to be admired. Above speedboat, "bonus" was a long journey can be felt. Panorama islands berstuktur arid red soil berkilaun scattered at sea, as well as marine parks colors visible to the naked eye.

In addition, the Red Beach with a charming line of coral, as well as everyday people in Kampung Komodo can also be incorporated into another miracle Komodo Island