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Friday, 4 February 2011

Alwatzikhoebillah Palace in Sambas

Old-fashioned but well maintained. Green and cool. That's about the impression that emerged when we set our foot the Palace of Alwatzikhoebillah Sambas Sultanate. To enter the palace area, visitors will pass through two gates. The first gate is the gate to enter the square and also as has a fungtion to limit public roads with the palace area, while the second gate has fungtion to limit the square with a courtyard.
The main palace building is located in the middle and has the largest size. On the left wing and right, there are buildings that connect directly with supporters of the main palace building. The building was formerly used as a left-wing place to entertain guests of honor, while building the right wing used to prepare for all purposes of the sultan and his family. Now, the left wing of the building was used as a place to store the heirlooms empire.
In addition, visitors can see the former sultan's family bathing pool right next to the palace and residence of the family who is behind the sultan's palace.
Around the region Alwatzikhoebillah Palace, there are various facilities, such as mosques, food stalls, tour guides, kiosk telephone kiosk, credit vouchers, souvenirs centers and souvenirs, as well as canoe rentals and boat speed for the area surrounding the palace.


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