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Wonderfull sunset In Kuta Beach Bali

In Kuta beach, visitors can make surfing or surfing, playing soccer, flying kites, just lying on the warm beach sand, or wash the eyes of Western tourists watched the sun. If interested in services or hair ponytail temporary tattoo, it also can be found at this beach.

Borobudur as the Biggest Buddhist Temple

Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, Sailendra descendants. Based on Kayumwungan inscription, an Indonesian named Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur is a place of worship which was completed May 26 824, nearly a hundred years since the early days was built.

The cool Tawangmangu waterfall

Tawangmangu area is also famous as a tourist area with a waterfall attractions named Grojogan Sewu, which when translated means Seribu Waterfall. This area is also near a swimming pool with a tour called Balekambang

Tangkuban Perahu Crater

natural and beauty with a row of craters that stretch and cool mountain air and the expanse of the typical mountain other surrounding high-rise and the number of collections of plants and plants typical of tropical forests that flourished around the crater, making the boat Tangkuban as an attractive tourist destination in Subang regency

Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park

National Park,Bogani Nani Wartabone in Gorontalo previously named Dumoga Bone, having many Nature Tours such Kosinggolan, Toraut, Lombongo, Tambun, Matayangan and various ecological uniqueness as a transitional geographic area Indomalayan at the west and Papua-east Australia (Wallaceae Area)

Monday, 31 January 2011

Nyobeng Traditional culture

Tamu Upacara Nyobeng  Nyobeng from various references is a ritual bathing or cleaning the human skull by the results mengayau ancestors. This was done by the Dayak Bidayuh tribe, one of the sub-tribe in Kampung Sebujit Dayak, Sub Siding, Bengkayang District, West Kalimantan.
MENGAYAU is beheading people, and the skull preserved. Now, the tradition mengayau has not done anymore . The ceremony was quite touching, and lasted for three days. Starting on 15 to 17 June.
Its main activities namely, bathing the skull that are stored in custom homes. As a rule believed to be hereditary. Starting greet guests at the village boundaries. Initially, this was done to welcome members of the group who came from mengayau. Greeter, wearing a sash of red cloth decorated with beads of animal teeth. Comes with chopsticks and destroyed the gun sounded, when the invited guests would enter the village limits. Chopsticks also pointed simultaneously.
Blast from the gun apart, is also useful to call the ancestral spirits at once asked permission for the implementation of Nyobeng ritual. Then, traditional elders threw dog into the air. In saber, the chairman of the party guests have to cut them down. If still alive, should be cut with a saber once fell to the ground. Procession The same goes for chicken. Traditional elders to the group throwing eggs guest. If the egg is not broken, then the guests who came to be insincere. Conversely, if broken, means guests come with sincerity.
White and yellow rice was thrown while reciting mantras. The girls then serve wine from mixed mimic tree bark that has dried pakak. After drinking, the group was escorted to Guest Houses Balug, in the middle of the township.
Houses Balug is a traditional house in the form of houses on stilts and is round. To enter this house, made steps made from bar tree. Approximately 10 meters in width with a height of 15 meters from the ground.
When you sign in place of the ceremony, the group given a splash of water that has been given a spell with anjuang leaf, which serves as a starting reinforcements. The goal, for the guests to avoid disaster. When entering the ceremony, guests must tread gourd fruit placed in the basin is better known as the ritual pepasan.
Together with residents, guests then danced around the house dance Mamiamis while customary. Mamiamis, is a dance to welcome and honor the defenders of ancestral lands, newly arrived from mengayau. While indigenous Elders accompanied by singing songs and reading spells.
Traditional elders rose Houses Balug. Simlog was beaten and firecrackers sounded. The goal is to summon ancestral spirits and also as a sign of the commencement ceremony Nyobeng. Followed by dinner in the House Balug. with rice with fish, pork. Tolerance is too high. For Muslims, provided special diet rather than pork. After dining, guests may leave the area of custom homes.
The choices people can rest at home. At rest, the majority of men in the area through the forest to look for bamboo forests. Diameter of about tens of centimeters.
At the same time, every home makes offerings that dioles with the blood of chicken wings. It also sprinkled chicken blood to the parts of the house and yard are considered sacred.
After that the family and guests back to the traditional house. After the bamboo forest can be searched, the men carried him toward the custom house in a gang. By holding the saber bamboo surrounded as he marched.
Saber who brought a family heirloom. Decoration on the saber hilt made of bone or wood. The ornaments also as a symbol of meaning and specific achievements of the holder in mengayau saber. Proper preparation. Chairman custom cue to start activities. One step forward, opening the saber from the scabbard while slashing saber to a bamboo rod.
In one slash, broken bamboo. This success is a good sign, according to public confidence. After the show was cut bamboo. Ruh was summoned by the head of customs.
The goal is to deliver and apply for permission which has protected to start Nyobeng. Traditional elders later, climbed the stage house. Seven kinds of offerings will be placed on the village boundary. Then, the box located on the pinnacle of custom homes in which stored human skulls and a necklace of boar tusks, taken by the traditional elders and rubbed his hands with a special potion.
Then the topical application of the skull that is in the box. Next Katuas hinga a chicken head cut off. The head and drops of blood smeared on the skull of the chicken. The skull is inserted again in the box and stored. The event was followed by cutting the dog.
The blood that comes out in support poles is swabbed with custom homes, small houses, and statues of men and women who are in addition to the traditional house and sculpture. Houses and the statues are regarded as the origin of their ancestors. Cutting the dog is intended to reject the evil spirits. Some dog meat freshly cut and then brought onto the customs house.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Spicy Porridge

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg Spicy porridge made from finely ground rice call oseng, then given flavor such as onion, garlic, black pepper, sere, bay leaves, do not forget the salt and sugar. finely ground flavor except sere, bay leaves, of course, then make it oseng as well as pounded rice . Then the spices put into boiling water which we fill with meat or bone tetelan cow, along with mashed rice.

After the rice and seasonings mixed into the beef broth, then we give a variety of

vegetables such as kale, leaf fern, the corn which has being pipil  , potato, turmeric leaf and leaf kesum (for leaf kesum may exist only in West Kalimantan) leaves this kesum make typical spicy-scented porridge but if too much is also felt uncomfortable spicy porridge has been cooked the porridge later. If the spicy ready to serve along with crackers, fried peanuts, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce and fried onions, and also  add lemon juice .

  • tetel :residual meat attached to the bone (a mixture of meat, muscle, fat, etc.) that has been exfoliated from bones and cut into pieces
  • pipil : remove corn kernels from the cob

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


lanning a trip was very enjoyable, especially supported by adequate facilities. In fact, every trip can be an unforgettable life experience, There are a few tips you can use for the journey becomes more enjoyable if you want to tour through a travel agency (BPW):
  1. Plan your trip carefully, it's worth making a reservation or booking four months in advance, before the day of departure. Plan a trip far more profitable for the previous day BPW usually give diskonyang quite interesting.
  2. Be careful in choosing a travel agency and select a quality. Not all travel agents are able to provide the things needed by the customer, for that you must be smart to choose a highly credible.
  3. Consider carefully the tour packages offered by travel agency (tour and travel agents). Do not fall asleep with the lure of cheap prices. It's good, you noticed kesuaian between price and facilities that would be obtained.
  4. Note also the entire contents of the package tour that will be purchased. Is it in accordance hotels, planes, and the place has to offer.
  5. In order for your trip can be more fun and you do not need to bother anymore thinking about events in destinations, consult your wishes because the travel agency is usually ready to assist the purposes of the A to Z.
  6. Prior to travel, especially abroad, need to equip themselves with travel documents, travel guide books, clothing, adjusted for temperature or season, local state and of course enough pocket money.
  7. Keep your body to keep fit. For example with a comfortable bed when I travel. If necessary use an eye patch and my ears so your sleep is not disturbed. If possible tidurkan seat as low as possible so you can sleep more comfortably.
    In addition to map alternate routes, especially provisions that should be prepared for travel back and forth Lebaran can safely and comfortably?
  8. Net-efficient manner.
    If you want to save, prepare a cloth napkin or clean towel. In addition to dry towels, napkins ready damp (wet the cooking water, then wring it out), fold, store in plastic bags. Stay safe without smelling up to 12 hours of travel. Useful for hand washing. In emergency conditions, can be used to wash the face or bathing.
  9. Of course, if you want to practice we must replace it with wet wipes and dry wipes. But consequently, we are contributing to the waste of environmental resources.
    Water should not Iupa.
    Cooking water or bottled water is a multipurpose stock. Its main purpose is as a drinking water, but in a state of daruratbisa really used truly an emergency can be used for multiple purposes outside the body, such as washing or washing raw foods. Select bottled water clear and colorless, contains no foreign material that hovered, the base of the inner bottle is not moldy. Most important, buy a brand that is well known, the lid sealed, and not sold in a direct sunlight.
  10. Bringing Personal Medications currently on holiday
    When you are traveling far, or go travel of comfort and salvation itself must be maintained. One way is to bring medicines that are large is for you. Especially for those who do have a certain disease should get immediate treatment. The following tips should you do if you have a problem with health.
  11. Enter your medications into a bag that goes with you everywhere. This avoids the loss of baggage in the middle of the journey.
    Bring medication in its original bottle or packaging complete with a letter of testimony for the purposes of the security service.
  12. Travel documents you'll need at any time while traveling can be placed in a bag smaller than the suitcase or backpack. In addition to the documents, this bag should contain:
  • Identification, can be a KTP (for domestic travel) or passport (for travel abroad)
  • Wallet
  • Driving Permit
  • Insurance cards or letters used in the insurance
  • Credit card
  • Traveler checks
  • Coupons you want to use
  • Airline tickets, cruise travel tickets or train tickets. Place where you find it fast
  • Any information required in the itinerary. Confirmation numbers and addresses and phone numbers where you will stay
  • Travel brochures and maps
  • Little money for tips

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The cool Tawangmangu waterfall

Tawangmangu, an area at the foot of Mount Lawu, about 30 kilometers east of Solo. An area of nature tourism is pretty much visited by tourists both locally and internationally, as well as a transit place for nature lovers who want to make the climb to the mountain Lawu.
What can we find in Tawangmangu?
Tawangmangu area is also famous as a tourist area with a waterfall attractions named Grojogan Sewu, which when translated means Seribu Waterfall. This area is also near a swimming pool with a tour called Balekambang. Tourists can surround the road that was there either while walking or riding a horse who rented there while enjoying the scenery or look at souvenirs are sold there.
One of the special attractions Grojogan Sewu, it was a refuge for tens or even hundreds of monkeys that still inhabit habitats around the waterfall. Apes are sometimes ignorant of this most happy if given food or drink by the visitors, but do not try nosy, these apes can turn into a super fierce.
The most famous food in Tawangmangu is rabbit satay. These foods can be enjoyed in restaurant or eating-house there is lots of street vendors around Grojogan Sewu.
One more famous than Tawangmangu is typical of mountains that cold air, though now no longer as cold as earlier times, and carrot harvest activities we can see and can direct us to eat at a place after being washed from the many springs found there.
One thing that might be a bit annoying when traveling in Tawangmangu we are in the market and a terminal that looks a little shabby and there are some places that famous as a place of adventure for a philanderer. But, in terms of the most common, Tawangmangu still can get listed in a tourist destination if you're traveling to Solo.

In areas that are still included in this Karanganyar regency, we cas also found some relics of the temple's history. One of the most famous is Sukuh Temple, a Hindu temple located just below the Tawangmangu. This temple is famous mainly because of a phallus-shaped sculptural reliefs and yoni which is a symbol of the male penis and female.

The alternatif Picnic, Sangan Lake

Sarangan road, which looks a winding but beautiful. Create a motorist, it would be very nice. Test driving skills while enjoying the fresh air. Making do longing if not longer.

For this reason, sharp and narrow steep that, local government Magetan since several years ago initiated the project through a more smooth way. Now the road had been finished, the pass (starting from before the main gate until Cemoro Sewu Sarangan) in this way, the Solo-Madiun Magetan Karanganyar through the usual 2 hours could 'only' 1 hour. The story is 'dreaming' as Puncak, Bogor

From the street we can see the lake aitu Sarangan from another view from the top, where the entire tourist area Sarangan can be seen to spoil the eye amid the cold Sarangan Peak.

Overview of your way to Cemoro Sewu, look Telaga Sarangan already 'is not a virgin "anymore because a lot surrounded by buildings, began to market tiban to the hotel.

Sarangan is a tourist site in the highlands of Mount Lawu, with the main object of lake and waterfall, surrounded by a distinctive feel of the mountains. From there Magetan 17 km south-west (toward mountains) to arrive at Sarangan. Now if the city west of Karanganyar, Solo, Central Java path already ramps not like before rising almost 75 degrees
There are a few shops there, serving typical mountain tourism, such as roasted corn, rabbit satay and definitely warm drinks. Simply too busy that day. My family and took time to sit Lesbian enjoying Rp9000 for 20 rabbit satay sticks and rice cake