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Saturday, 5 February 2011

National Archives Building

 National Archives Building was build with Renaissance architectural style which looks elegant and artistic. Initially before converted into a museum, this building serves as a resting place Reyner de Klerk.

When was the beginning of the 18th century, the VOC had conquered Banten and Mataram, at that city in an unhealthy state in the region while outside the city was safe. 

The group of elite or wealthy officials such as Reyner de Klerk build vacation home (landhuis) with one large yard that is now the National Archives Building. In the big house lived the status of serf labor. The numbers there are approximately 150 people. 

The slaves were imported from various regions was then employed as a housemaid, maid of employers, umbrella or take the place of betel and place jewelry employers. Among the bondsman is nothing special as a group hired orchestra. They entertain the employer at dinner with your family or entertaining special guests. 

Old building that is now the National Archives Building was once a dream home de Klerk. He himself who designed the house. And design it until now retained. Ryner build a vacation home outside this city with a large yard as the place where the elite group with their family enjoying the weekend. 

Old buildings and beautiful green shades are belakangn often used as a place for various activities such as exhibitions, art and culture until the wedding ceremony. 

National Archives Building has a building area 1.272.2 sq. m, is the only government-owned building that does not charge entry or free to the public. 

This building is open to the public every day except Monday, or if there is a museum event from 06.00 to 17.00 pm for the building. As for the front yard until 18:00 pm because in part people use yard to play and exercise. 

Inside this building there is mostly a collection of maps, which depict the history of mapping in Indonesia. Start the first map depicting Islands archipelago, as envisioned by Bartholomeus from Alexandria, Egypt until the last maps made by American soldiers during World War II. There was also a collection of old furniture. 

One of the programs the Foundation of the National Archives Building today by Tamalia is trying to increase collections. By adding a collection. Later the National Archives Building may become a museum that also contains information about changes in furniture styles from century to century


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