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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mountain and batur lake of kintamani

kintamani1 In the mountainous areas around Kintamani, there is Mount of Batur with a deep crater lake and hot springs that are in turmoil. The cool mountain air with views to all directions, as beautiful with the existence of several important temples, which have made Kintamani become one of the places that are not forgotten the Bali tourist agenda.
actually, Mount of Batur is only one of a small volcano, but its location was in the midst of a large crater diameter of 14 km. In addition, Mount of Batur adjacent to the crescent-shaped of Batur Lake surrounded by high walls of the crater edge. Size steepness of the crater will make you imagine the massive eruption of Mount Batur which happened ten thousand years ago.
The mountain is still active today as Balinese people who still remember the explosion that occurred in the 1917 eruption which has taken thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of temples. Another eruption often occurs after the incident, forcing local people to be evacuated, along with several temples including one of the main temple of Bali, Ulun Danu. Ulun Danu Temple which was originally located inside a large crater, then moved to the top of the hill. Now, Ulun Danu Temple offers a charming view of Mount Batur.
You can reach the location of Batur Mount by taxi or rent a car. You can also join a tour to visit the Batur Mount and Batur Lake. Tourists can change buses between South Bali and Lovina, then stopped at Kintamani.

  • Where to Stay
    There are several places of accommodation ranging from star hotels or economic hotels of Kintamani. You can choose one of them as your budget.
  • Dining Guide
    In Penelokan, there are several restaurants, where you can relax and get some food according to your taste.
  • Tour
    To round the Batur area, you only need to walk or can also rent a bicycle.

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