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Monday, 14 March 2011

uniqueness of trunyan graves

sema trunyan 2 Trunyan VILLAGE located in District of Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali. Trunyan is the ancient village which is considered as the village of Bali Aga (original Balinese). Trunyan have a lot of uniqueness. Highest charm is the unique body treats its citizens. Trunyan has three types of graves which, according to village tradition Trunyan, the three types of graves were classified by age of the deceased, the integrity of body and manner of burial.

The main cemetery (sema), considered the most holy and most good. The bodies were buried on this sacred tomb is only the body remains intact, no defects, and the body of the death process is considered good (not a suicide or accident).

The second cemetery is a special young cemetery reserved for babies and adults who are not married. But still with the terms of the corpses was should be intact and not deformed.

The third cemetery is called Sentra Bantas. This graveyard specifically for disability bodies and who died because of one act of starches and starch (unnatural death such as accidents, suicide).

the three types of graves that are the most unique and interesting is the main cemetery or sacred tombs (Setra Wayah). This cemetery is located about 400 meters north of the village. To carry the corpses to the cemetery must use a dinghy special for bodies called Pedau. Although called a buried, but the unique way of burial is known with mepasah.

Bodies that have been got special ceremony according to local tradition just placed above the hole as deep as 20cm. Part of his body from the chest to the top, left open, not buried with soil. Corpses was only limited with some thing called ancak saji, made from a type of bamboo, form a cone, used to fence off corpses. In Setra Wayah, there are 7 grave divided into 2 groups. Two holes for the head of village that his body without disabilities located at the upstream and still there are 5 holes were lined up after the second hole is for ordinary people.

If all the canal is full and no more new bodies will be buried, a long body is raised from the hole and the new body then occupying the hole. Long bodies, placed casually on the edge of the hole. So do not be surprised if the Setra wayah-strewn human skull that should not be planted or throw away.

Although not conducted with Ngaben ceremonies, funeral ceremonies Trunyan village tradition in principle has the same meaning and purpose of the death ceremony performed by Hindus in Bali. Ceremony held to pay debt service on the child's parents. The debt was paid in two stages, first stage is paid with good behavior when parents are still alive and the second stage at the time of their parents died with ritual behavior in the form of funeral ceremony.

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