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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Dreamland as Beautiful Beach and New Surfing Spots in Bali

Dreamland is one of beautiful beach in Bali island. Dreamland is located at the tip region of Pecatu Village, Badung regency, Bali. About 20 minutes from Uluwatu and 45 minutes from the north beach of Kuta. If you've ever heard about Bingan or Pedang pedang, Dreamland is in the there adjacent to the beach of Balangan. So if you want to get there, just follow the road towards Uluwatu beach.

Beautiful natural beaches, Sandy coral and a fantastic place to sunbathe, not too disturbed, although there are some semi-permanent buildings. Location of clean sandy brown on the narrow beach, below the steep rock walls, is suitable as a dream beach to watch the sunset or see the tourist playing surfboard. The water was still so clean, crystal clear. There is a hill overlooking a white sandy beach. The waves were so appropriate for the surfing enthusiast. Now dreamland has become a new surfing spots in Bali.

There are several caf├ęs and other facilities. There are also food vendors and rental of chair that we can use. Lodging there is still quite cheap. If you want a little luxury, now is available 'Dreamland Villa' with complete fasility like 33 private pool for each villa complex . Of course location is very close to the beach. The fares of U.S. $ 262-850 per day should be used as a reference for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of Dreamland with certainly get luxury hotel facilities.

Seeing its beauty and still so natural Dreamland, the place was suitable for the purpose of having fun when you're traveling to Bali. Enjoy the beach of your dreams.
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This must be one of the lovely Bali hotels that I have always to stay in and I know for sure the hospitality and the cuisine will add to a great holiday!

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