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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tips and trick before visiting batur mount and lake

TWO amazing view of Batur Mount and Batur Lake appear from the village of Batur, Kintamani District will make anyone who came to visit made spellbound. Coupled with a unique funeral Kuban at Trunyan will certainly make you wonder.

Prior to enjoy various adventures in Batur, whether natural or culinary tour, some of these tips may be able to keep your vacation stay pleasant ambience.

1. Weather in the region is quite cold, so you better bring a sweater.

2. If you want to climb the Mount of Batur, better bring a guide or friend who has ever climbed the mountain before.

3. Make sure the condition of your body in healthy before climbing the Mount of Batur.

4. Do not forget to bring your camera, because the scenery in this tourist area is very feasible to preserve.

5. When you are free to roam Batur alone, could use the services of travel agents. Normally, all travel agents in Bali, Kintamani include in their  itinerary (travel route) .

6. Many street hakers who sell a few souvenirs. If you do not want to buy anything from them, do not make contact with them unless you want to be followed  until you give up and buy from them.

7.  It will be Better to visit Mount and Lake Batur in the dry season, this will make lakeside activities is available and can be enjoyed. While in the rainy season, the view that will you get will be foggy and wet. Read also Batur mountain

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