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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

the green of Curug Cikaso Waterfall

cikaso waterfall 3 We will visit an area in west Java province, precisely in Sukabumi. Sukabumi has a myriad of beautiful waterfall. One of them is Cikaso Waterfall  or known with the Curug Cikaso. The distance is about 33 kilometers from the Ujung Genteng coast.
Cikaso waterfall is an appropriate location for swimming in freshwater. Waterfall that falls from a height of 30 meters it really gives a fresh view that will never make us bored. Overflow waterfall looks majestic and charming. Although a little green, but it is very clear.
Green moss covering the rocks look like a beautiful tapestry. Were there as invited guests to do the adventure through fantasy land. Cikaso is not just a place to off a fatigue, but at the same time enjoy the gift of the Divine.
Cikaso is the name of the river that flows from the upper reaches are located in North Sukabumi until the end with its estuary on the South Coast region Surade District, South Sukabumi. From upstream to its estuary, the river water flow through some cikaso cliffs forming the river flow is an amazing waterfall. Cikaso waterfall is located between Jampang Kulon and Surade.
besides known by the charm of its beach, tile Ujung also rich with waterfalls along the rivers. Cikaso addition, there are also Curug Luhur, Curug Cigansa and much more.
Apart from boat engines, there is also a wooden boat or familiar there with jukung boat as an alternative to reach the waterfall. This boat was originally used to transport sand residents. But if anyone wants to use his services as a transportation to the location of waterfalls, boat owners will be willing to deliver to the location.
The distance between the mainland with waterfall location is not too far away, just across the straight if you want to walk away. However, to facilitate travel while enjoying the river Cikaso, you should choose the path of the river by boat services. Around the outskirts of this river the miners or local residence there mining the sand. Of course, this being the special view.
See more pictures of Cikaso Waterfall below


nice blog^^
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Lovely waterfall. Hope I can visit there one day :)

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