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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pancung coffee

Enchantment night Pontianak now become one of tourist attraction. Lined coffee houses characterized. One is the Coffee Pancong. So called because the coffee is poured in a measuring cup is not full, but only half a glass. As we have read in the legal site culture and tourism departement of Kalimantan Barat, To be able to enjoy a cup of pancong aromatic coffee , true coffee connoisseurs simply pay Rp 1.500 - Rp 2,000 per glass.

In addition to offering typical pancong coffee enjoyment Pontianak, warkop also provide hot coffee with a rate of glass that fits. A glass coffee high flavor can be enjoyed with a price Rp3000 - Rp3.500. Before ordering a cup of coffee, the waiter will give two bids warkop. Want to filter coffee or coffee powder.

For those who are regular coffee, so of course the question will be answered according to taste. Filter coffee is the drink filtered coffee before serving. Because memalui screening process, the coffee produced any color is not too thick. While the ground coffee is coffee drinks served by powdered coffee brewing directly into the glass. Because menyedu presented in a way, then make sure the smell of coffee in the original will be immediately smelled. Tasty and fragrant.

To make its loyal customers like to linger, a number of entrepreneurs in Jalan Gajah Mada warkop competing to provide excellent service.

For those who like coffee in the open air, some employers warkop has provided a special table placed close to the motorway. For those who like to surf, hot spots even in providing. Special services are also provided on the ball mania. Action the world footballer who competed in the Bundesliga, Calcio league, even at the World Cup stage, every moment can be seen through the white screen hanging on one wall warkop.

Well, now there are at your choice. Want to select a coffee while berinternetan ria, or coffee while watching the live broadcast of football matches the world, are all available in warkop. Special offers such as these can continue to enjoy throughout the night. Special Saturday night, warkop will open late


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