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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


lanning a trip was very enjoyable, especially supported by adequate facilities. In fact, every trip can be an unforgettable life experience, There are a few tips you can use for the journey becomes more enjoyable if you want to tour through a travel agency (BPW):
  1. Plan your trip carefully, it's worth making a reservation or booking four months in advance, before the day of departure. Plan a trip far more profitable for the previous day BPW usually give diskonyang quite interesting.
  2. Be careful in choosing a travel agency and select a quality. Not all travel agents are able to provide the things needed by the customer, for that you must be smart to choose a highly credible.
  3. Consider carefully the tour packages offered by travel agency (tour and travel agents). Do not fall asleep with the lure of cheap prices. It's good, you noticed kesuaian between price and facilities that would be obtained.
  4. Note also the entire contents of the package tour that will be purchased. Is it in accordance hotels, planes, and the place has to offer.
  5. In order for your trip can be more fun and you do not need to bother anymore thinking about events in destinations, consult your wishes because the travel agency is usually ready to assist the purposes of the A to Z.
  6. Prior to travel, especially abroad, need to equip themselves with travel documents, travel guide books, clothing, adjusted for temperature or season, local state and of course enough pocket money.
  7. Keep your body to keep fit. For example with a comfortable bed when I travel. If necessary use an eye patch and my ears so your sleep is not disturbed. If possible tidurkan seat as low as possible so you can sleep more comfortably.
    In addition to map alternate routes, especially provisions that should be prepared for travel back and forth Lebaran can safely and comfortably?
  8. Net-efficient manner.
    If you want to save, prepare a cloth napkin or clean towel. In addition to dry towels, napkins ready damp (wet the cooking water, then wring it out), fold, store in plastic bags. Stay safe without smelling up to 12 hours of travel. Useful for hand washing. In emergency conditions, can be used to wash the face or bathing.
  9. Of course, if you want to practice we must replace it with wet wipes and dry wipes. But consequently, we are contributing to the waste of environmental resources.
    Water should not Iupa.
    Cooking water or bottled water is a multipurpose stock. Its main purpose is as a drinking water, but in a state of daruratbisa really used truly an emergency can be used for multiple purposes outside the body, such as washing or washing raw foods. Select bottled water clear and colorless, contains no foreign material that hovered, the base of the inner bottle is not moldy. Most important, buy a brand that is well known, the lid sealed, and not sold in a direct sunlight.
  10. Bringing Personal Medications currently on holiday
    When you are traveling far, or go travel of comfort and salvation itself must be maintained. One way is to bring medicines that are large is for you. Especially for those who do have a certain disease should get immediate treatment. The following tips should you do if you have a problem with health.
  11. Enter your medications into a bag that goes with you everywhere. This avoids the loss of baggage in the middle of the journey.
    Bring medication in its original bottle or packaging complete with a letter of testimony for the purposes of the security service.
  12. Travel documents you'll need at any time while traveling can be placed in a bag smaller than the suitcase or backpack. In addition to the documents, this bag should contain:
  • Identification, can be a KTP (for domestic travel) or passport (for travel abroad)
  • Wallet
  • Driving Permit
  • Insurance cards or letters used in the insurance
  • Credit card
  • Traveler checks
  • Coupons you want to use
  • Airline tickets, cruise travel tickets or train tickets. Place where you find it fast
  • Any information required in the itinerary. Confirmation numbers and addresses and phone numbers where you will stay
  • Travel brochures and maps
  • Little money for tips


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