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Wonderfull sunset In Kuta Beach Bali

In Kuta beach, visitors can make surfing or surfing, playing soccer, flying kites, just lying on the warm beach sand, or wash the eyes of Western tourists watched the sun. If interested in services or hair ponytail temporary tattoo, it also can be found at this beach.

Borobudur as the Biggest Buddhist Temple

Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, Sailendra descendants. Based on Kayumwungan inscription, an Indonesian named Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur is a place of worship which was completed May 26 824, nearly a hundred years since the early days was built.

The cool Tawangmangu waterfall

Tawangmangu area is also famous as a tourist area with a waterfall attractions named Grojogan Sewu, which when translated means Seribu Waterfall. This area is also near a swimming pool with a tour called Balekambang

Tangkuban Perahu Crater

natural and beauty with a row of craters that stretch and cool mountain air and the expanse of the typical mountain other surrounding high-rise and the number of collections of plants and plants typical of tropical forests that flourished around the crater, making the boat Tangkuban as an attractive tourist destination in Subang regency

Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park

National Park,Bogani Nani Wartabone in Gorontalo previously named Dumoga Bone, having many Nature Tours such Kosinggolan, Toraut, Lombongo, Tambun, Matayangan and various ecological uniqueness as a transitional geographic area Indomalayan at the west and Papua-east Australia (Wallaceae Area)

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Butterfly Kingdom in Bantimurung

Blonde Karst Regions Bantimurung as The Kingdom Of Butterfly or moth kingdom, is being threatened with extinction. Because the activity of hunting and catching the winged animals were thin and elegant, the increase along with increasing population activity in the tourism area which is berhawa cool.
Entering Bantimurung tourism located in Maros regency, about 40 kilometers from the city of Makassar, has become a hallmark will be greeted by dozens of species of butterflies are moving around since visitors enter the gates of the tourist area.
No wonder, if the animal carcasses into a beautiful print is also one of the souvenir to take home or give to friends. Business carcasses butterfly wings lovely, have started to bloom since the 1980s. Animal species of insects were framed in plastic and sold to decorate the walls. Some sellers claim that the business had been theirs for generations.
Decorative butterflies sometimes combined with some types of insects such as centipedes, beetles and so on, seen everywhere: in the restaurant, on the porch, until the overhang the road.
As a sweetener decor, butterfly display packaging was very interesting. Moreover, the selling price is relatively cheap, depending on how many patterns and colors of butterflies in the frame. For one tail butterfly color pattern mediocre, generally offered from Rp 2,000 to Rp 5,000. But there is also the price could get millions, if the display is the butterfly wings that have a very beautiful style.
Butterfly business for local residents is very tempting. How not, begin the process of arrest, until the matter preservation assemble cardboard or plywood and a sheet of plastic does not require great expense, can memberihan However the fairly decent income. Difficult, perhaps just looking for a butterfly species that have a beautiful style. That's it.
Business due to the butterfly, the butterfly population in Bantimurung even from year to year increasingly shrinking, both in terms of quantity and species. Estimated, butterfly species that survive in the tourist area which has a waterfall, now only reach the 135.
Whereas previously, zoologist Alfred Russel Wallace from the UK (1856) after doing research in the area, found about 270 species of butterflies, or about 10.8 percent of butterfly species in Indonesia at that time. No wonder if he called Bantimurung as The Kingdom of Butterfly, because in this region there are various types and species of butterflies.
In fact, Bantimurung also known as the Butterfly Park in the world's most complete. But the title as The Kingdom of Butterfly is now a distant memory, because the fair-bodied species of insects that began in danger of extinction.

In response to the threat of extinction of this fauna, the government (Pemkab) Maros struggle trying to tread a tricky people aware of the importance of conservation of the butterfly is one of the chain of the ecosystem in tourist areas Bantimurung.
For local governments, the issue of butterflies packaged into a dilemma. Because, on the one hand, to preserve animal habitats that half the number of species extinction has been a great experience, but on the other hand, if the business community prohibits the butterfly it means limiting the additional income that most people are farmers.
However, maintaining natural ecosystems is a necessity that should not be negotiable. As a first step, a butterfly exhibit was built as a container biakannya developer. One tangkar space, usually containing three to five pairs of butterfly species was considered nearly extinct.
At least, from the hundreds of species of butterflies in the region Bantimurung, there are five types that are considered truly rare, so determined to protect. All five species of butterfly that is Troides Hypolitus, Troides Helena, Troides Halipron, Papilio Adamanthis, and Chetosia Myrana.
From the information developed in the field, known types of Papilio and Atlas also includes rare butterflies can still be found in a wide area Bantimurung approximately 118 hectares, although very difficult to find. The characteristics of Papilio butterfly wings filled the colors very charming. While the Atlas moth has a very wide wings. The locals called the Atlas of butterflies in the butterfly bat, because its wings wide and dark.
Butterfly main options which include rare, in a wire cage and the big bear bred by the Center of Natural Resources Conservation (BKSDA) and South Sulawesi Tourism Office Maros. Breeding system was later introduced to the public in the environment and surrounding Pattunuang Cave, so no longer do hunting. Furthermore, as the responsibility of the local community were also asked breed butterflies in tourist areas are also protected forest areas.
For the community, which no longer ditangkar butterfly species are rare, but are considered to attract visitors to buy. So no longer do the butterfly hunt alone as done in previous years.
Approximately 80 percent of the number of butterflies from the captive that was preserved for subsequent sale to tourists in the region Bantimurung bath. While the other 20 percent is released into the habitat of origin.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Secret Beyond Teh Beuty of Kalimutu Lake

Indonesia has a variety of charm. one of them is Lake Kelimutu located on the top Kelimutu Ende Flores regency of East Nusa Tenggara. Kelimutu high reached approximately 1600 meters above sea level. In 1886, Kelimutu and had erupted from the eruption, the crater formed 3 fruit that looks like a lake. Color of the lake there is a red, blue, and white.

All three lakes are separated by a wall composed of the lake by the rocks. The third lake was later known as the Lake Kelimutu. In the local language, Flores has a meaning. It looks mean mountain while the quality of means to boil. When Flores Volcano began to show its activities, the lake Flores sometimes change color. Let's say, when a mountain out of gas, even when the temperature changes at the top of the mountain, lake color-changing, too.

Begins journey to Lake Flores, starting from the town of Maumere, Sikka district, East Nusa Tenggara. By using public or private vehicle running time approximately 3 hours when using public transport, can use the travel services, with the use of a rental car to Maumere Flores and back to Maumere. The rent, ranging from 600 thousand dollars for one day.

The trip to Lake Kelimutu winding meanders. Ravines and cliffs visible during the journey. From the town of Maumere, to Koanara village, district Wolowaru, Ende district.

From Village Koanara approximately 13 miles longer is the entrance to Lake Kelimutu. From here, visitors must walk up Kelimutu, by crossing the path. To facilitate the trip, travelers can ask for help in Koanara population as a guide.

After a mile across the path, arrived at Lake Kelimutu. Here, the color of the lake can be seen emerging from the crater Kelimutu. Change the color of the lake is not as easy Kelimutu what we want.

To prove it, you should find out what color the next day Kelimutu Lake. Unfortunately. visitors are not allowed to set up tents around the Sea of Flores. Visitors must return to the village to look for lodging Koanara already available in the village and the next day Koanara Kelimutu back up

The Largest Lake

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake of 100km x 30km in North Sumatra, Sumatra, Indonesia. In the middle there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island.

Lake Toba has long become an important tourist destination in North Sumatra, Bukit Lawang addition and Nias, attract domestic and foreign tourists.

It is estimated that Lake Toba explosion occurred at about 73000-75000 years ago and is the eruption Supervolcano (super volcano) the most recent. Bill Rose and Craig Chesner of Michigan Technological University estimate that the materials are thrown volcanic mountain of 2800km3, with ignimbrit rock 800km3 and 2000km3 estimated volcanic ash blown into the west for 2 weeks.

This incident caused mass death and in some species was also followed by extinction. According to some DNA evidence, this eruption also reduced the number to about a thousand men only.

After the eruption, the caldera formed which then fills with water and became what is now

The Uniqueness of Funeral in Toraja

Each area has a tradition to respect death. If in Bali we are familiar with the term Ngaben, in North Sumatra, Sarimatua, then in Tana Toraja Rambu ceremony known as Solo '. Equation of the three: the ritual ceremonies of death and burial. In Tana Toraja itself has two major traditional ceremonies are Rambu Solo 'and Rambu Tuka. Signs Solo 'is a funeral, while signs Tuka, is a housewarming ceremonies of the new custom, or who had just completed renovated. Here I will tell you about the ceremony deaths in Tana Toraja.

Signs Solo 'is a show very festive tradition in Tana Toraja, because it takes days to celebrate. The ceremony is usually held during the day, when the sun began leaning to the west and usually takes 2-3 days. Even up to two weeks for the aristocracy. Her own grave is made at the top of the cliff at the height of the rock.

Because according to the trust Aluk To Dolo (Tana Toraja people's confidence first, before the entry of Christianity and Islam) among the people of Tana Toraja, the higher the body was placed, so the sooner his soul to paradise.

This ceremony is for each community group must be different. When the nobleman who died, then the number of buffalo that will be cut for the purpose of the event was far more than for those who are not royal. For the royal family, the number of buffalo may range from 24 to 100 buffalos. While middle-class residents are required to slaughtering buffalos 8 plus 50 pigs, and long ceremony about 3 days.

But, before the amount was insufficient, the body should not be buried in the cliffs or in high places. Hence, the body often stored for years in Tongkonan (Toraja traditional house) until finally the family of the late / deceased can prepare the sacrificial animals. But for adherents of Christianity and Islam today, the body can be buried in the ground first, then dug up after the family is ready to perform this ceremony.

For people Tana Toraja, the dead person does not in itself a degree of the dead. For them before the ceremony Rambu Solo 'then the person who died was regarded as a sick man. Because the status is still 'sick', then the man who died had to be admitted and treated like people who are still alive, like with her, providing food, beverages and tobacco or betel. Things that are usually done by a ghost, must continue to run as usual.

The body was moved from the funeral home to the first tongkonan (tongkonan tammuon), which is tongkonan where he came from. There is slaughter of buffalos 1 as a sacrifice or in the language Torajanya Ma'tinggoro Tedong, which is typical of the way Toraja slaughter, cutting buffalo with a machete with a single blow alone. Buffalo to be slaughtered was moored at a rock called Stone Simbuang. After that, the buffalo had been cut and the meat distributed to those present.

The body was in the first tongkonan (tongkonan tammuon) just a day, then the next day the body will be moved again to be somewhat tongkonan up again, namely tongkonan barebatu, and even here, the procession together with the first tongkonan, the slaughter of the buffalo and the meat will distributed to the people around tongkonan it.

Signs show the entire procession Solo 'is always done during the day. That afternoon at around 11:30 Central Indonesian Time (Wita), we all arrived at tongkonan barebatu, because today is the day of the transfer of bodies from tongkonan barebatu to Rante (the field where the event took place).

The body was carried using duba-duba (bier typical Toraja). In front there duba-duba-Lamba Lamba (long red cloth, usually located in front of the coffin the corpse, and in the procession pengarakan, the fabric is pulled by the women in the family).

The procession of the body pengarakan tongkonan Rante barebatu to do after church and lunch. It was only the spirits come close family carrying the coffin. The men who raised the coffin, while an attractive woman-Lamba Lamba.

In pengarakan sequences are to be carried out, in the first place we would see people carrying a huge gong, and then followed by tompi saratu (or what we usually familiar with the banners), and right behind a row of saratu tompi tedong (buffalo) followed by Lamba Lamba-final and then duba-duba.

The body will be interred in Rante (special field where the procession took place), there was standing loud (temporary houses made of bamboo and wood) that have been given a number. Loud itself serves as the home of relatives who came later. Because during the event they all did not return to their homes but staying in a loud voice that has been provided by the grieving families.

Funeral procession finally reached the Rante which will be placed in lakkien (tower where the corpse during the procession disemayamkannya progress). The tower is the tallest building in the loud-loud in Rante. Lakkien made of bamboo trees in the Toraja traditional house forms. The body was laid on top before lakkien will be buried. Rante ready in two water buffaloes to be slashed.

After the body arrived at the lakkien, the next event is the reception area, the relatives who came from around the country. In the afternoon after the procession finished reception, followed by entertainment for the family and invited guests who came, by exposing ma'pasilaga tedong (buffalo race). What a crowded audience, because during the ceremony Rambu Solo ', ruminant animal contest is an event that is eagerly awaited.

Over the next few days and the reception of buffalo race is the agenda of the next event, held the reception continues until all the guests are in the space provided is loud in the Rante. In the afternoon contest was always held buffalo, this is a mainstream entertainment by the people of Tana Toraja up until the day of burial. Whether it is buried in the cliffs or in patane '(tombs of traditional wooden house)

Fresh Water in Malino Waterfall

Being in an area with altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, must berhawa cool. That the Malino. Mountains of southern Makassar also has many privileges. Pine forests, waterfalls, fresh vegetables, and passion fruit.

Object Location
Malino is situated on the western slopes of Mount Bawakaraeng. Precisely in District Tinggimoncong, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Located approximately 90 kilometers southeast of Makassar.

Malino in South Sulawesi was developed. The beauty towards Malino was even halfway there. Winding road, the view that Bilibili Dam water to millions of hectares of rice fields and gardens, valleys, and lay a layer of green hills in front of the eyes.The higher, the more beautiful stretch of scenery. Pine forest with a unique sound fauna greet everyone who comes. The higher the travel, the more cool air. The fresh air flows freely through the nose and throat into the chest cavity.In Malino many attractions. Takapala Waterfall, Waterfall Lembanna, Forest Tourism expanse of pine trees, and bathing water Blue Valley is very cool. Visitors also can rent horses to ride to the Takapala waterfall.

In the jungle tour, a variety of animal life. Beautiful singing parrot, black monkeys jumping, valor starlings, birds gelatik, and the king prawns, all can be seen there. While the living flora in addition to pine include acacia, Jabon, banyan, eucalyptus, flowers edelweis, turi flower, rattan, ylang, and some types of shrubs.

In the higher regions, visible expanse of vegetable crops are green. Farmers grow cabbage in Malino, vetsai, leek, potatoes, and tomatoes. All can be enjoyed with the local price. While Pattapang area, there is a green carpet of tea gardens. Wow, incredible beauty.

There is one special in Malino, the passion fruit plantations. Malino passion fruit taste was unique, combination of sweet and sour that fit. Fresh. In the market, visitors can enjoy direct ripe passion fruit, or buy the local processing of syrup and jam.

If you want to spend the night and enjoy the beauty of the Malino for a few days, there are lodging facilities. There are villas, lodging, and hotel complete with restaurants and sports and entertainment facilities.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Borobudur as the Biggest Buddhist Temple

Who does not know Candi Borobudur? This Buddhist temple has 1460 relief panels and 504 Buddha effigies in the complex. Millions of people longing to visit the buildings included in this World Wonder Heritages. Not surprisingly, since architecturally and functionally, as a place of worship, Borobudur is attractive.

Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, Sailendra descendants. Based on Kayumwungan inscription, an Indonesian named Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur is a place of worship which was completed May 26 824, nearly a hundred years since the early days was built. The name of Borobudur itself according to some people means a mountain having terraces (budhara), while the other says that Borobudur means monastery on the high places.

Borobudur-shaped building berundak punden consists of 10 levels. Height 42 meters before being renovated and 34.5 meters after the renovation because the lowest level was used as a drag. Six lowest level and square in the upper three floors and a circular highest level of Buddhist stupa facing to the west. Each level represents the stage of human life. In accordance with of Buddha Mahayana, anyone who wants to reach the level of Buddha must go through each of those life stages.

The base of Borobudur, called Kamadhatu, symbolizing human beings that are still bound by lust. Four levels mentioned above represents Rupadhatu humans who have set themselves free from lust but still tied to appearance and shape. At these levels, a statue of Buddha placed in open space. Meanwhile, three levels above where the Buddhist stupa placed in the holes is called Arupadhatu, symbolizing human beings that have been freed from lust, appearance, and shape. The top part is called Arupa symbolizes nirvana, where Buddha is residing.

Each terrace has beautiful relief panels showing how skillful. Relief that will be read by coherently when you walk in a clockwise direction (toward the left of the entrance of the temple). The relief panels tell the legendary story of Ramayana. In addition, there are relief panels describing the condition of society at that time. For example, relief of farmers' activity reflecting the advance of agriculture system and relief of sailing boat representing the advance of the time the cruise was centered in Bergotta (Semarang).

All relief panels in Borobudur temple reflect the teachings of the Buddha. Hence, this temple functions as educating the media for people who want to learn Buddhism. YogYES invites you to walk through each narrow passage in Borobudur in order to understand the philosophy of Buddhism. Atisha, a Buddhist from India in the 10th century, had visited the temple that was built 3 centuries before Angkor Wat in Cambodia and 4 centuries before the Grand Cathedrals in Europe.

Thanks to visiting Borobudur and having Buddhist manuscripts from Serlingpa (King of Sriwijaya), Atisha was able to develop Buddhism. He became head of Vikramasila monastery and taught Tibetans of practicing Dharma. Six scripts from any Serlingpa reduced to a core doctrine called "The Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment" or better known by the name Bodhipathapradipa.

One of the questions are as yet unresolved about Borobudur is how the condition around the temple was built and why the temple was found in a buried state. Some say Borobudur initially stood surrounded by a swamp and buried because of the eruption of Merapi. Essentially Calcutta inscription reads 'Amawa' means sea of milk. The word is then interpreted as Merapi lava. Some other says that Borobudur buried in the cold lava of Merapi.

With all the grandeur and mystery that is, only natural that many people from all enter the world penjru Borobudur as a place to visit in his life. Besides enjoying the temple, you can walk around to the villages around Borobudur, such as Karanganyar and Wanurejo to see people making craft activity. You also can go to the top watu Kendil to view the panorama from the top of Borobudur. Wait what? No need to worry earthquake May 27, 2006, because of Borobudur is not affected at all.

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Tangkuban Perahu, is one of an active volcano in West Java, precisely in Lembang, about 30 km north of Bandung with a height of 2084 meter above sea level. For how to get there takes approximately 30 minutes by motor vehicle. Boat Tangkuban name was attached to a legendary land of the most famous Sundanese, which is Sangkuriang.

Tangkuban boat from a distance looked like a boat upside down, allegedly caused by the power of Sangkuriang that failed to complete its task in making an overnight boat to marry Dayang Sumbi that none other than his own mother. Because so upset it could not complete the boat, the boat finally Sangkuriang kicked it unfinished. Diataslah legend who became closely related in naming Tangkuban Perahu mountain.

Mountain last erupted in 1910, has 9 craters are still active until now. A large eruption that occurred in the latter 1.5-century cause many craters - the crater at Mount Tangkuban Perahu. These craters are craters Queen, Upas, Domas, New, Jurig, Rhino, Jurian, the Demon and Pangguyungan Rhino. Among these craters, Crater Queen is the largest crater, followed by Upas Crater which lies adjacent to the crater Queen. Some craters out sulfurous smoke, there is even a crater which is forbidden to descend, because the smell of toxic smoke.

Tangkuban Perahu mountain charm is so adorable, even when the weather clears, the curve of land on the crater walls can be seen clearly, not only that, but primary craters can we enjoy the amazing beauty. Natural beauty is what makes Tangkuban Perahu become one of the mainstay of natural tourist attractions of West Java Province, particularly Bandung. Every weekend, Tangkuban Perahu area is always packed with visitors who want to see the beautiful panorama of mountain Tangkuban Perahu. In fact, the atmosphere of a long holiday, pangunjung who come to this tourist sites can reach thousands each day.

Taken from here

Tangkuban Perahu Crater

Tangkuban Perahu Crater is one of the attractions located in the southern region Kab. Subang, located at an altitude of 2084 m above sea level. Of natural beauty with a row of craters that stretch and cool mountain air and the expanse of the typical mountain other surrounding high-rise and the number of collections of plants and plants typical of tropical forests that flourished around the crater, making the boat Tangkuban as an attractive tourist destination in Subang regency.
Viewed from the city of Bandung, the mountain Tangkuban Parahu has a unique shape like a boat upside down (Bahasa Sunda: Tangkuban = reverse, Parahu = Boat). Unique form is believed to have a very close relationship with Sangkuriang legend.

Enjoying the view from the crater Tangkuban Queen Boat, like seeing a giant bowl of very large and deep. When the weather clears, the curve of land on the crater wall of the crater base as well as can be seen quite clearly that it can provide a spectacular panoramic view. Glory craters so wide and deep, at least be able to force the viewer to pause and wonder for a moment the greatness of God's work.

Facilities and Tariff Entry

Gift Shop, Cafeteria and information center (TIC), souvenir shops, homestay, camping ground, outbound area, parking area, the area on horseback. The tariffs went into Tangkubanparahu attractions location of Rp 9000.


To go to these attractions, visitors can use either private vehicles or 2 wheels or 4 wheels of public transport. The travel time to Sari Ater attractions, namely the town of Subang with travel time approximately 40 minutes to the south of Bandung, while around 50 minutes and from Jakarta via toll SADANG with travel time approximately 3 hours while the hot water attractions with travel time Ciater 15 minutes.
Condition of the road to this area, both from Subang and Bandung is very good. However, keep in mind about the condition of the vehicle, due to the location from Bandung and Subang will go through a pretty tough climb.

Plaosan, Beautiful Twins Temple

You do not need to rush back to the inn after a visit to the Prambanan temple, because not far from the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world that you will also see other temples are just as entertaining. Headed north as far as 1 km, you will see Plaosan Temple, a temple constructed by Rakai Pikatan for the Empress, Pramudyawardani. Located in the Village District Bugisan Prambanan temple architecture is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist.

Plaosan complex is divided into 2 groups, the Temple and the Temple Lor Plaosan Plaosan South. Second temple has a square-shaped terrace surrounded by a wall, which shaped meditation on the west side ticket booth and the stupa at the other side. Because of that similarity, the appearance Lor Temple and South Plaosan was almost similar when viewed from a distance so that the Temple Plaosan far too often called the twin temples.

Plaosan Candi Lor Building has a central courtyard surrounded by a wall with the entrance on the west. In the middle of the page there are marquee measuring 21.62 mx 19 m. In the eastern part of the pavilion there are 3 pieces of the altar, the altar of the north, east and south. Preview Amitbha, Ratnasambhava, Vairochana, and there at the altar Aksobya east. Samantabadhara stupa and figures on the altar Ksitigarbha north, whereas the picture there at the altar Manjusri west.

South Plaosan temple also has a pavilion in the center surrounded by 8 small temples are divided into 2 levels and each level consists of 4 temples. There is also a picture Amitbha Tathagata, vajra Vajrapani with attributes of Prajnaparamita Utpala and considered as "mother of all Buddhas'. Some other pictures can still be found but not at the original place. Manujri figure which according to a Dutch scientist named Krom is significant also found.

Part Bas reliefs of this temple has a unique picture of men and women. There is a man who depicted sitting cross-legged with their hands and the figure of a man worshiping with vara mudra hand and a vase at the foot of a man surrounded by six smaller ones. A woman is depicted standing with his hands vara mudra, while all around there are books, pallets and vase. Krom argued that the figures he was the picture of the woman patron supporter of the two temples.

The entire temple complex has 116 Plaosan perwara stupas and temples perwara 50. Perwara stupa can be seen on all sides of the main temple, as well as temples perwara smaller. When you walk into the north, you can see the building open Mandapa called. Two prasati also be found, the inscription on the gold coins in the north of the main temple and the inscriptions written on stone in the temple Perwara first row.

One of the particularities of Plaosan Temple Terrace is a smooth surface. Krom argued terrace of this temple is different from other temple terrace built in the same period. According to him, it was related to the function of the temple at the time suspected to save the canonical texts of Buddhist monks. Other allegations came from Dutch scientists, if the number of priests in the area a bit so maybe it was used as the terrace of a temple (Buddhist temple).

If you look around the temple, you will know that the temple is actually Plaosan vast temple complex. It can be seen from the fence along 460 m from north to south and 290 m from west to east, also interior fence consisting of a ditch along 440 m from north to south and 270 m from west to east. Trenches that make up the interior of the fence can be seen by walking toward the east through the middle of this historic building.

Prambanan, The most beautiful Temple

Prambanan temple is incredibly beautiful building built in the 10th century during the reigns of two kings, and Rakai Rakai Pikatan Balitung. Rose as high as 47 feet (5 meters higher than Borobudur temple), the establishment of this temple has fulfilled the desire maker, shows the triumph of Hinduism in Java. This temple is located 17 kilometers from the city center, in the middle of the area that is now a beautiful park.

There is a legend that Javanese people always tell about this temple. Once, a man named Bandung Bondowoso loved Roro Jonggrang. Because no love, Jonggrang asked Bondowoso make 1000 temples with statues in one night. The request was nearly fulfilled before Jonggrang asked the villagers to pound rice and make a big fire that created an atmosphere like the morning. New Bondowoso can make 999 statues cursed Jonggrang into the statue in 1000 because he felt cheated.

Prambanan temple has 3 main temples in the main yard, namely Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. These three temples are symbols of Trimurti in Hindu belief. All of them face east. Each main temple has accompanying temple facing to the west, namely Nandini for Shiva, Swan to Brahma, and Garuda for Vishnu. In addition, there are still squeeze 2 temple, the temple curtain 4, and 4 corner temples. Meanwhile, the second page had 224 temples.

Entering the Shiva temple located in the middle and the highest building, you will find a room 4. One main room contains a statue of Shiva, while the other 3 rooms each containing a statue of Durga (Shiva's wife), Agastya (Shiva's teacher), and Ganesha (Shiva's son). Durga is mentioned as the statue of Roro Jonggrang described in the legend above.

In the Vishnu temple is located in the north of Shiva temple, you will only see one room containing a statue of Vishnu. Similarly, the Brahma temple located on the south side of Shiva temple, you will only find one room with a statue of Brahma.

Accompanying temple is Garuda temple lure is located near the Vishnu temple. This temple save the story of a half-bird figure named Garuda. Garuda is a mystical bird in Hindu mythology, who was gold, white-faced, red-winged, beaked and winged like an eagle. Estimated, the figure is Hindu adaptation of Bennu figure (means 'rises' or 'shine', usually associated with the god Re) in ancient Egyptian mythology or Phoenix in Old Greek mythology. Garuda can save his mother from the curse of Aruna (Garuda's brother who was born handicapped) by stealing Tirta Amrita (holy water of the gods).

The ability to save was admired by many people until now and used for various purposes. Indonesia used it to sign the state. That said, the creator of the emblem of Garuda Pancasila find inspiration in this temple. Other countries also use it to sign the country is Thailand, with the same reason but adaptation forms and different appearance. In Thailand, Garuda is known as Pha recruited or recruited.

Prambanan temple also has a load relief Ramayana story. According to experts, the relief was similar to the Ramayana story is revealed through oral traditions. Another interesting relief is Kalpataru tree that the Hindu religion is considered as a tree of life, sustainability and environmental compatibility. In Prambanan, relief of Kalpataru tree is described lions flanking the center. The existence of this tree makes experts consider that the 9th century have wisdom in managing the environment.

Just as the figure of Garuda, Kalpataru is now also used for various purposes. In Indonesia, Kalpataru became a symbol of the Earth (WALHI). In fact, some scientists in Bali to develop the concept of Tri Hita Karana for environmental conservation by seeing Kalpataru relief in this temple. Tree of life also can be found in the mountains that used to open the puppet arts. A proof that the relief panels in Prambanan has worldwide.

If careful, you can also see various birds relief, this time a real bird. Bird reliefs at Prambanan so natural that biologists can identify them even to genus level. One was relief of the Yellow-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea) that invite questions. Why, the bird is only found in Masakambing Island, an island in the Java Sea. Then, whether the species was once numerous in Yogyakarta? Please find out the answer myself. Because, until now no one who can solve the mystery.

Well, there are many more to be unearthed at Prambanan. You must not tire of course. If it was finally exhausted, you can rest in the garden around the temple. Interested? Come immediately. Since September 18, 2006, you can enter the zone 1 Prambanan not even get into the temple. Some of the damage caused by the earthquake May 27, 2006 and is now being repaired.


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