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Monday, 7 February 2011

the west outer islands of Indonesia

pulau-weh-0 Actually, Weh Island is not the west outer islands of Indonesia, but there's one more small islands called the island of Rondo, but may be due to the island was uninhabited, the Indonesian society is more familiar with Weh island as west outer islands of Indonesia. In fact, there is also some indonesia people that know Sabang city but do not know which island it located. The city was inhabited approximately 24 thousand inhabitants. it is the former Freeport, but as we all know, once the prolonged conflict in Aceh and the surrounding area including the island of Weh, therefore free port was closed by the government to prevent the entry of illegal weapons into Indonesia.
Currently, the city of Sabang Freeport reopened by the government while the condition on this area are getting more conducive and a new port has been waiting to support the plan. Sabang can be reached using the fast and slow ferries from the city of Banda Aceh, with fast ferry takes approximately 45 minutes from Banda Aceh.
As we all know, including the entire world know that there had been a quite miserable  disaster on the 24th december 2004 in the province of Aceh, including this area, namely the Tsunami. Weh island generally and Sabang especially also affected that quite sad disaster, though no casualties as much as other areas affected by the tsunami. A lot of infrastructure to be paralyzed by the disaster.
On this day in the town of Sabang and Weh island began to re-grow as the number of relief funds from foreign countries and local and government to develop Sabang and surrounding areas. Livelihoods of the population most of whom work as civil servants and they expect that after a while Freeport running and growing longer they can earn a living from trade and industry. In this island there is also a monument called Kilometre Zero Monument. In this monument there is a symbol of the bird Garuda on its top end. As we have told earlier that Weh is not the west outer islands of Indonesia, but there's one more small islands called the island of Rondo. But because the island was uninhabited, the monument built on the island of Weh, about an hour drive from the town of Sabang. The road to the monument kilometers own not so good, maybe this is because only few people visit these places or maybe vice versa because of poor access that causes a few people who can reach the place.But one thing is for sure, few of Indonesia's population has ever visited the place. This can be seen from the local tourism department notes that it provides a certificate to those who has visited the place.
One thing that is fun to visit each other if there is: can see the sunset in the western region of Indonesia. Because, that's how it should be, obtaining the sun sets in the west and rises in the east
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