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Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Secret Beyond Teh Beuty of Kalimutu Lake

Indonesia has a variety of charm. one of them is Lake Kelimutu located on the top Kelimutu Ende Flores regency of East Nusa Tenggara. Kelimutu high reached approximately 1600 meters above sea level. In 1886, Kelimutu and had erupted from the eruption, the crater formed 3 fruit that looks like a lake. Color of the lake there is a red, blue, and white.

All three lakes are separated by a wall composed of the lake by the rocks. The third lake was later known as the Lake Kelimutu. In the local language, Flores has a meaning. It looks mean mountain while the quality of means to boil. When Flores Volcano began to show its activities, the lake Flores sometimes change color. Let's say, when a mountain out of gas, even when the temperature changes at the top of the mountain, lake color-changing, too.

Begins journey to Lake Flores, starting from the town of Maumere, Sikka district, East Nusa Tenggara. By using public or private vehicle running time approximately 3 hours when using public transport, can use the travel services, with the use of a rental car to Maumere Flores and back to Maumere. The rent, ranging from 600 thousand dollars for one day.

The trip to Lake Kelimutu winding meanders. Ravines and cliffs visible during the journey. From the town of Maumere, to Koanara village, district Wolowaru, Ende district.

From Village Koanara approximately 13 miles longer is the entrance to Lake Kelimutu. From here, visitors must walk up Kelimutu, by crossing the path. To facilitate the trip, travelers can ask for help in Koanara population as a guide.

After a mile across the path, arrived at Lake Kelimutu. Here, the color of the lake can be seen emerging from the crater Kelimutu. Change the color of the lake is not as easy Kelimutu what we want.

To prove it, you should find out what color the next day Kelimutu Lake. Unfortunately. visitors are not allowed to set up tents around the Sea of Flores. Visitors must return to the village to look for lodging Koanara already available in the village and the next day Koanara Kelimutu back up


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