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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fresh Water in Malino Waterfall

Being in an area with altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, must berhawa cool. That the Malino. Mountains of southern Makassar also has many privileges. Pine forests, waterfalls, fresh vegetables, and passion fruit.

Object Location
Malino is situated on the western slopes of Mount Bawakaraeng. Precisely in District Tinggimoncong, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Located approximately 90 kilometers southeast of Makassar.

Malino in South Sulawesi was developed. The beauty towards Malino was even halfway there. Winding road, the view that Bilibili Dam water to millions of hectares of rice fields and gardens, valleys, and lay a layer of green hills in front of the eyes.The higher, the more beautiful stretch of scenery. Pine forest with a unique sound fauna greet everyone who comes. The higher the travel, the more cool air. The fresh air flows freely through the nose and throat into the chest cavity.In Malino many attractions. Takapala Waterfall, Waterfall Lembanna, Forest Tourism expanse of pine trees, and bathing water Blue Valley is very cool. Visitors also can rent horses to ride to the Takapala waterfall.

In the jungle tour, a variety of animal life. Beautiful singing parrot, black monkeys jumping, valor starlings, birds gelatik, and the king prawns, all can be seen there. While the living flora in addition to pine include acacia, Jabon, banyan, eucalyptus, flowers edelweis, turi flower, rattan, ylang, and some types of shrubs.

In the higher regions, visible expanse of vegetable crops are green. Farmers grow cabbage in Malino, vetsai, leek, potatoes, and tomatoes. All can be enjoyed with the local price. While Pattapang area, there is a green carpet of tea gardens. Wow, incredible beauty.

There is one special in Malino, the passion fruit plantations. Malino passion fruit taste was unique, combination of sweet and sour that fit. Fresh. In the market, visitors can enjoy direct ripe passion fruit, or buy the local processing of syrup and jam.

If you want to spend the night and enjoy the beauty of the Malino for a few days, there are lodging facilities. There are villas, lodging, and hotel complete with restaurants and sports and entertainment facilities.


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