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Monday, 12 April 2010

Waterfall and Rabbit Satay Sarangan

Close with Lake of Sarangan, there is the entrance to the waterfall. There are three waterfalls that you can visit here is a waterfall called Watu Ondo, Kiwo shoulders, and Jarakan. Near the entrance to one of these waterfalls, a former aircraft used as a monument to remember Sarangan Regency Madiun neighbor who is a Main Air Force Base.

The road to the waterfall is not difficult, even half-way could be done by car. The trip to the waterfall will be a fun trip. You will pass the mountain slopes are used for plantation. You can see a variety of vegetables that are probably rare in the city. You can also dip your toes into the cool clear water and fresh which is used for irrigating crops. This could be an interesting means of learning for your child.

Rabbit Satay Sarangan

After being around, you can order rabbit satay and rice cake that many offered around this lake. Satay is rarely encountered in other areas worthy of you try this, because with a soft and tender meat that can make you addicted. The price offered Rp 7,000 / share, the price is quite affordable for your pockets. Other foods that can be enjoyed here ispecel rice . Sarangan areas neighboring the famous Madiun with herbs and chilli pecel. this Pecel be special because peanut flavor plus a variety of fried delights as complementary.


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