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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lake Of Sarangan

Panorama of  Telaga Sarangan will pamper your eyes, because you can see a vast lake and Sidoramping green hills around Lawu Mount. Coupled with a calm lake water which is a mirror from the mountains and the mountains around it. Staring at a row of mountains and mountain here also make sense of calm and peace coupled with the cool mountain air with temperatures around 18-23 degrees Celsius. you can enjoy Cool mountain air as Sarangan Lake lies at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level.

 East Java Around the Lake of Sarangan

On the edge of the lake provided the water cycle that resembles a duck and a boat. This can be a means for you who want to round the lake through the water. Or you can go around by horse or cart offered locals people there. Surely this can be fun for your baby. Or for you who want to exercise, you can surround this lake by walking or running. You will also find a pine forest on the slopes of the mountains around Lake of Sarangan. The atmosphere is cool and beautiful will definitely make a fun sport.

Marchandise from Lake of Sarangan

After satisfied from the tour in the Telaga Sarangan , before back, you can shop souvenirs from Telaga Sarangan. You can buy bags, shirts or other crafts that are the result of art desaign of the local community.

From Telaga Sarangan, if you're heading west or central Java, you will find Karanganyar district, Central Java, which famous with its  natural attractions Grojogan Sewu. Meanwhile, if heading east, you can stop at the Madium City to buy souvenirs like typical Madison pecel brem and a delicious sauce.

a beautiful lake Sarangan is perfect for your holiday with family. Enjoy your vacation in Lake Sarangan, beautiful natural attractions and fascinating!


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