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Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Exotis of Curug Cipendok

CURUG Cipendok is natural sights of the highest waterfalls in the southern part of Central Java. In  tourist area having a height for about 800 meters from sea level (asl) located in this Banyumas Cilongok, visitors can feel the sensation of wind blowing and splashing waterfalls as high as 200 meters. With cool air and natural scenery that really natural.
domestic tourists who come to this curug every holiday can reach 10 thousand people.
in Curug Cipendok many unique panorama. In addition there is a waterfall, there is also a lake and a vehicle Pucung Penginyongan Village. "In this place served dangdut music entertainment and exhibition python. In fact, visitors can picture with a python that was tame
Butterfly Park
It is said, to reach Curug Cipendok, visitors can use a car or motorbike around 8 kilometers from the village of Losari Cilongok District. Looking ahead, the area protected Curug Cipendok Perum Perhutani Unit I Central Java, will also ride the park plus a butterfly. It will also be equipped with a number of other fauna flora facilities, a Javanese eagles, monkeys, tigers Java, snakes and rare plants in the world.
Cipendok Curug area there are still many animals and rare plant species. Even recently, from research students of the Faculty of Biology Unsoed Purwokerto found two species of rare butterflies. "Here too there are species of orchids, PLANTS and rare plants that exist only in Cipendok, namely puyengan and Euphorbia pulcherrima.


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