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Friday, 26 March 2010

Complete Tourism Of Baturaden

Baturaden is a district in Banyumas, Central Java. It is said that this term comes from the story or that the story was a son of the King (in the Java language called Raden) where he was in love with a maid (in the Java language called Batur). Unfortunately her parents do not agree that relationship, so at the end, they live in foothills / mountains (Gunung Slamet) which so beautiful and have cool weather, since that even, the location is called by the name of Baturaden.when Baturaden be a natural attractions that are spectacular, the location was not far from the city of Purwokerto, for about 14 km to the north and only takes about 20 minutes. Left hand was now standing by building magnificent hotels and restaurants that will satisfy us enjoy the variety of food menu, both traditional and have relatively modern. Although road conditions are not too wide, but fairly clean and smooth. After entering the gate lokawisata Baturaden, cool weather has begun. Arriving in the parking lot, we are immediately treated with hospitality vendors lined up along the road to the entrance.

Before your adventure to make it easier to schedule, should know the ingredients or the existing attractions Baturaden diseputaran namely:
  1.  Wanawisata: Located about 2 km from Lokawisata Baturraden. Here we can see the panorama of nature with a variety of relatively large trees such as fir and pine. This location can also be used as a camp.
  2. Waterfall: Located in the village Ketenger Tourism, approximately 2 km down tanggadari Lokawisata Baturaden. With a cool atmosphere, we can enjoy the falling water droplets with a gurgling sound reassuring. Often there are also children who plunged into the silence of nature hoping to get a coin / coins in throwing visitors. If you want more to enjoy the beauty of the sensational a good idea to climb the bridge which is right above the waterfall. From here we can better enjoy the beautiful panorama Baturaden.
  3. Quiet Lake: Located about 3 km direction selatanl Baturaden. At Lake sunyihari holidays are usually the place is now filled with children who play the water cycle. At the top of the lake, the kids can play in the game that has been provided, such swings, trains and others.
  4. Shower Telu: It is a fountain with three springs. The location is ± 3 km from Lokawisata Baturraden. Here we can enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature, right here neatly arranged pine trees that shade, the more fresh eyes and our hearts. At any given time there are also massage services at this location.
  5. Shower Pitu: Almost similar to telu shower, the shower consists of seven springs and location ± 7 km from Lokawisata Baturraden.

Once satisfied with enjoying the natural scenery is still original, combined with the piercing cold skin, feeling laparpun was not restrained. We can enjoy the specialty of Purwokerto Sroto chicken / meat, tempeh dage Mendoan and warm. There are also a lot of rabbit satay traders sold on this Baturaden around it. It was an interesting experience and leave a beautiful memory and hope to come back here next time.

You're curious, please visit the location, guaranteed to bring us forget the fatigue that we experience.


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